My big problem. KNOTS!

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I’m getting lost in the natural world, and I’m getting nervous.I trimmed my ends, put conditioner on it, and the next day I had knots on the ends.This is my big problem. KNOTS!

My hair doesn’t grow as well either. I’ve been natural for 10 years, and I may have 5 inches of hair. I did trim quite a bit, but when I go to someone I always end up looking like a boy. I need general hair care steps. I see the long hair pictures, and I feel my hair will never get that long. How often do I trim?


The knots you are talking about, single or one Strand Knots also known as Trichonodosis in the scientific world. This is just to let you know you are not the only one who deals with this and you can overcome it. It can also be caused by blunt sheers but the most probable cause of these knots is the way you treat your hair. Rough combing, static tools and pulling will damage your strands and can cause these knots to appear. Using the wrong products can only make the problem worse. Examples are shampoos with ingredients like SLS that dry out the strands or conditioners with Silicones that leave residue en eventually only hardens the strands.

So first, I would recommend to clarify your hair. This can be done easily with a baking soda rinse. Add one cup of baking soda to three cups of filtered water and rinse your hair with the solution. Make sure you thoroughly wash out all the baking soda. Once your hair is clarified, I would recommend you to use the Detox Conditioner that is available in our NappShop. Add it while your hair is damp and you will feel the knots ease. Don’t start rinsing after 10 minute but rater start untangling in parts with a large tooted non-static comb and the conditioner still in your hair. Untangling should be easy and you will feel your scalp freshly tingle. Thoroughly rinse out the conditioner once you finished detangling.

The rest of the steps are as important. Wrap your hair in a towel to let it absorb most of the water. Then add a moisturizer when your hair is still damp. Make sure you get a moisturizer that your strands absorb. If your hair is dry I would choose the Silky Shea Hair butter if your hair is just normal, I would recommend the Hair Milk. these products both moisturize the hair from the inside out.

Last but not least, take these steps into account:

1) Cover your hair at night.

2) Never go to bed with your hair untangled. Put it in large twists or braids.

3) Never untangle your hair when it’s dry. Make your your hair is saturated with a slippery conditioner when you detangle.

4) When you wear your hair out make sure that your ends are protected by a nutritious moisturizer like the Silky Shea Hair butter .

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