Bantus on Braid locs

Bantu Out on Braid Locs

Another way to style natural hair is to put your coily strands in Bantu Knots. The beauty about these African hair bumps is that not only are they a style in and on itself, they work for all hair types and if you take them out you have just another fabulous style.

Bantu knots was one of my favorite styles when I was natural. Only once I managed to do the style myself but the parts were not that perfect and the style didn’t last that long.


A world of difference from when I went to a stylist. The Bantu Knots that the hairstylist created always seemed perfect. The parting was artfully done, the knots were tight but not tight as in painfully tight on my scalp, no the look was tight! Where my own Bantus lasted a day, I could wear the ones professionally done for at least two weeks. See Twists, Cornrows, Braids & Bantus

Some would say that I needed to practice a bit more but experience taught me that for styles that require some kind of parting, I was better off going to a salon.

So now after more than a year of locing my hair I thought it would be nice to try bantus on my locs. This time not as a Bantu Braid Locs style that required intricate parting, not at all. More like a roller set type of bantus to see the result after taking them out. With natural hair a bantu out would very nicely shape the natural curl pattern now I wanted to see the after effect on loced hair.

So I washed my hair. Let it dry during the day only to put my hair into bantu knots at night. To moisturize my locs a little and mainly to prevent my scalp from itching and drying I used the Scalp Conditioning Spray once the bantus were in my hair.

The next morning I took them out an viola. My locs seemed to have more volume . They didn’t just hang straight down as usually, it looked as if they came a little more to life.

Now I wonder what my hair will look like if I had my hair dried overnight in Bantus. I bet that will be a whole other look. If you get to it before I do, please let me know. 

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