Kala – Fabulously Unique For Kynx!

Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!

Unique: Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. One of my favorite quotes is: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”-Oscar Wilde. I embrace my unique qualities and take pride in them. Natural hair is unique. It’s different. It’s beautiful. For this challenge I used the Kynx Hair Care products to keep my braid out moisturized and looking fresh!

When given this challenge it was easy to pick the word that described me the best. I see myself as unique because I can’t imagine myself as an anyone else. In fact, I reject that concept all together. We are all unique in our own right. But some of us along the way seem to fall in line with the in-crowd, trying to talk, dress and embody each other.

Venturing outside of our comfort zones, being adventurous will always leave us with great lessons learned and great stories to tell. This mirrors my hair journey. For so many years I accepted straight flat-ironed or relaxed hair as MY norm. Giving my hair freedom from chemicals and extreme heat has forced me to venture out and discover my own personal style. My unique style. Although lettered and numbered systems try to box it into a category my natural hair is ULTIMATELY unique. I encourage women to embrace their uniqueness from the inside out. Going natural will inevitably bring out our best qualities. Because at the end of the day our life’s journeys are about being authentic. Authenticity IS unique!

                                       Kala G. – I Am U.N.I.Q.U.E.

Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!

U is for Unapologetic: I am unapologetic when it comes to my natural hair. It doesn’t apologize for being big and what some consider “unruly”, so why would I?
Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!
N is for Nerdy: Working in the network engineering field requires a certain “passion” for technology. Additionally with a few blogs and a YouTube channel I use my geeky passion to inspire others.
Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!
I is for Imperfect: Aware that perfection is not attainable, I accept that my hair and I are perfectly imperfect.
Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!
Q is for Quirky: My personal style shines through. It’s different, but fashionable.
Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!
U is for Unpredictable: I not only think outside of the box, I erase the box. 
Kala - Fabulously Unique For Kynx!
 E is for Elevated: My faith helps me maintain an optimistic outlook on life. 



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