Big Chop Near Me

It’s Me…FREE!!!!

I’m venting because I’m pissed!!! I’m pissed because I’m hurt!!
I want to be loved for who I am. I’m not just saying that to be cliche’. I am a black woman. I have dark brown skin with dark brown eyes and EXTRA curly hair. I’m tired of not being able to dwell in the beauty God gave me. I’m not white, hispanic, asian, indian, native american or anything else but black and that’s for a reason. I’m tired of ignorant, narrow minded people who want to put me in a box to fit what society calls beautiful. To be honest…..F&$% you!! Sorry for the language, but it’s been too long!!!
Why would God, who created me….CREATED ME, want me to change what he gave me….dark skin, eyes and curly hair…for some man who thinks it’s not pretty or my hair not long enough. Well, this is the END of that….

I AM BEAUTIFUL….YES, I cut off all of my altered hair. NO, my hair is not flowing down my back and blowing in the wind. I don’t think God really intended for my hair to be that way. He intended for my hair not to be controlled by the wind, but for the wind to follow my curls. He intended for rain to make my hair look even better.

He intended for my hair to be curly and free!!!!

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