Isabella Broekhuizen after the relaxer damaged her hair and scalp

from bald to curls

from bald to curls Isabella is back: beautiful and inspirational. A journey from bald to curls.


Hi Isabella, good to see you again. How are you doing now?
I am doing very well. I am enjoying doing new things again.

Does your scalp still hurt?
It still itches from time to time but overall my scalp is ok.

Does it still look the same as in the picture or did it get better health wise? Has there been a little bit of hair growth?
Unfortunately my scalp will always look like that. I have to treat it carefully and regularly to prevent inflammation and my hair will never ever grow back.

How do you care for you scalp?
Once or twice a week I remove my hairpiece to wash my scalp thoroughly with an unscented soap that does not irritate the sensitive skin. The hardest part is to remove the hairpiece. I really have to be very very careful because the skin on my scalp is so thin that will come off together with the little pieces of tape and it takes an awfully long time to heal.

How about the lawsuit?
The lawsuit is still going on unfortunately. They asked for another biop just to protract the case. I suppose they want me to give up but I won’t ever give up.

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Now you are in business selling hairpieces?
Yes. Finding a good hairpiece for myself was extremely difficult. All I wanted was a good hair piece for a reasonably good price. So I used my head mould to start requesting samples from different companies in different countries. That’s how I finally found this company that delivers incredibly quality hair for a great price. I was so very happy and then I thought that I could help other people who had the same dilemma. So I went to the bank, used myself to demonstrate and illustrate the idea and within five minutes they decided to give me a loan.

Short weave for Black womenWhat can people expect when they come to you?
I will make sure that they will feel completely beautiful again and not just women. Also men, boys and girls. The prices are reasonable and the hair is absolutely TOP quality just as their own hair used to be.

Can you give us an idea what reasonable prices are? And how long will it take before customers have their hairpiece?
The price is 750€ and they will receive the hairpiece within three weeks. Again the quality of the hair is exceptional and I have wigs for those who don’t have anything in the mean time.

How do you take care of a hairpiece? Can you sleep with it, can you wash it?
Yes, all of it is possible. You can treat it like it’s your own hair. You can color it, blow dry it, even steam it. If you sleep with the hairpiece washing it once a week is recommended. And here is a good tip: if the hair is a bit dull you can use fabric softener to make it shine again. If you take care of your hairpiece it will last at least a year and a half. If you take it off at night it will last even longer; three years.

Do you have afro styles as well? Like locs and afro’s?
To be honest there is no demand for locs or afro’s but there will definitely be more and more curly hair types and styles.

Curly weave for Black womenAre you aware of the fact that 73% of women of color suffer from hair issues like breakage and even hair loss due to the use of relaxers?
It’s very sad and all I can say now is be careful with your valuable tresses. If you like a change of styles use a wig so you don’t have to damage your own hair.

If you would wakeup tomorrow with your old head full of healthy nappy hair would you relax your hair again?
No, I would buy wigs but relaxers, NEVER again.

What do you think of nappy hair?
I think it’s BEAUTIFUL, now that I don’t have a single strand left. And I admire the versatility.

You’re doing well, feeling well and you still look beautiful. Do you think about modeling again?
I am modeling for my own company and I am happy doing that but the modeling days are behind me now.

Do you have a message for the visitors of the going-natural I magazine?
Thank you for reading my story and thank you for all the support. It’s because of you that I have my own Memoirs-Site. I hope that you continue to visit the site and spread the word so that this disaster doesn’t have to happen to anybody else.

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