Almond Peppermint Scalp Rub


Use this homemade recipe to nurture your scalp.

Almond Peppermint Scalp Rub
By Christa R Weathers

Going Natural Hair careI can remember when I began locking my hair, I was only washing my hair every 8 weeks, to encourage the meshing and locking. In between washings I kept my hair and scalp dry. I was encouraged by others to rub my scalp or pat it when it began to itch but to absolutely not put anything remotely close to water or oil in my hair. Just keep it dry!!

It was torturous and when your scalp is dry to begin with, it was twice as agonizing. Somehow I made it through two years, without totally scratching my scalp to pieces and my hair retaining some natural oils. I couldn’t understand why there had to be so much discomfort with what I considered to be a natural self- movement.  

In time I learned, the hard way, that I didn’t need to be brutal or neglectful in order for my crown to come in. In fact nurturing care for the scalp is essential for life and health, always. An unhealthy scalp, not only lends to an unhealthy hair, but can allow for various infections to the scalp and just plain discomfort.

Now, the frequency of my full hair and scalp washings is on average every three weeks. This is consistent with the air my hair is exposed to, and with physical exercise and running, my scalp is sweating often. Instead of letting my scalp dry out or becoming too congested, I prepare an treatment oil rub that works as an anti-itch anesthetic that also soothes, conditions, and protects my scalp. 
I can bring relief to my scalp without compromising to a full head wash or suffering with a simple recipe for scalp.  This same treatment recipe works well for my seven year old locked princess, and the essential oils used are mild enough and rarely cause irritation as they are anti-inflammation oils. This is great for whatever natural style you are wearing. This treatment recipe is great for when you have to travel and may want to refresh or for those days when your scalp needs some energizing.

Recipe for Almond Peppermint Scalp Rub

4 oz Water (if using tap water boil water to purify and let cool)
20 ml Almond Essential Oil (sweet only)
6 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (buy in amber colored bottles only)

Mix in a container or bottle with top (amber colored recommended if storing) and shake vigorously for optimal amalgamation. Consistency should not be too oily or too watery, but balanced. Rub the oil into the scalp gently and on all parts of the scalp. Allow the scalp to dry naturally. Do not use any heating or drying hair appliances.

The Almond Oil is a natural “carrier oil” and to assist with the dilution of the Peppermint Oil. The Peppermint Oil is considered mild and safe, but is strong enough that it should not be used alone in absolute form.

Other natural benefits of these oils are:

Almond Oil treats- inflammation, dry skin, eczema,

Peppermint oil- energizes, relieves itching, stimulates the charkas and the first (eye)

As with everything, moderation in usage is suggested. Essential oils are wonderful and reap healthy benefits when used appropriately. Mothers who are lactating should not use this, as Peppermint interferes with lactation. If you find this treatment scalp is making things worse or is ineffective, please discontinue use. If you are going to make enough for more than one use, be sure to store the oils for no more than a month to keep their potency. Keep in a dry, medium temperature, low light space.

Remember nurturing your scalp is just as important as nurturing your hair, and can easily be maintained in a clean and soothing way.

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