How to use the Going Natural Scalp Conditioning Spray

Going Natural Scalp Conditioning Spray

Use the Going Natural Scalp Conditioning Spray to prevent dry itchy scalp and to promote hair gowth

To keep your hair & scalp fresh while wearing braid extensions, cornrows, flat-twists, twists and locs

If you are wearing a style like cornrows, flat-twists or even braids where your scalp is exposed, you need this amazing Scalp Conditioning Spray.

The magical combination of herbs will not only condition your strands, it will penetrate your scalp to nourish your roots. The second the herbals mist comes down on your bare scalp your roots will be activated resulting in a wonderful fresh sensation.

Simply said, your scalp will feel nourished and healthy, your hair will revive in shine and you will be able to extend the time you wear your style.

Mist the Going Natural Scalp Conditioning Spray to hair and scalp daily. Works best at night time.

Tip: Cover hair after spraying to gain the best of the rich ingredients.

Going Natural Hair Care package
Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children 


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