How My Sisterloc Journey Started

How My Sisterloc Journey Started

Sisterlocs of Wynnetta Coleman Crumb

My fascination started while I was at work. I worked for a major retail pharmacy and a customer came in to get her mother’s prescription. Her hair was about three inches past her shoulder and full and fluffy. I asked was her hair locked (being unknown to Sisterlocs), she said these are Sisterlocs. I asked for more information and she was very forthcoming. She explained that they are versatile and all natural. I said “that’s how I want my hair”. This was the summer of 2009. Meanwhile, I kept getting my touch-ups and color right on schedule.

Then everyone stopped getting relaxers and started grown their own hair. Next the masses started wearing braids and sew-ins to give the un-relaxed hair breathing room so it could get use to not being relaxed. I did my first big chop in April of 2013; after I started getting twist thinking that I wanted traditional locs. Then in February of 2014 I went back to the “creamy crack”. In January of 2016, I started my transition with braids and Senegalese twist. I asked the African woman that was doing my twist to do my Sisterlocs; she had them and I liked the way she kept them up. She told me I need six inches of hair and that it would cost $500. I went home and did my research on the web to find out that she was not a certified Sisterloc installer.

While on my new job working the tollway, a woman came through my lane with her Sisterlocs and I asked who did her hair. She gave me her number and her name. I went home and looked them up on the website to find that she was certified. I called her and two others to get the process started, One lady told me she was busy helping her sister and to call her back Friday. Another did not answer the phone so I call the number for work and got a consultation. I went to the consultation and was giving information on Sisterlocs along with watching the history of them from the creator. I scheduled my install and went home. That was December of 2016 and my install was February 12, 2017.

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