Does a Silk Pillowcase make difference for Braids, Locs and 4C Naturals

Satin pillow case for braids, locs and naturals

Does a Silk Pillowcase make difference for Braids, Locs and 4C Naturals? This is the very question the contestants of America’s Next Natural Model were asked to answer for the first ever challenge of the online natural hair pageant. Silk pillowcases are said to keep strands moisturized at night. This doesn’t only prevent the strands drying out but also hair breakage as moisturized strands are flexible and less likely to break.


What better way to have our beautiful Black models test the theory to see if it’s also true for natural hair? To have the models of America’s Next Natural Model test the silk pillowcases and blog about their experience, founder and sponsor of the competition, sent them the items. Each and every model received brand new super soft satin pillow cases, the highest quality available in the then Going Natural Webshop.

All models were more than happy, not just to sleep on a new beautiful soft silk pillowcase that would protect their hair, they were eager to get rid of their non-sexy bonets and wraps that never lasted anyway. See and read their experience. If you also want to protect your hair during the night you can choose from our new selection and order the Silk Pillowcasses or the Satin Pillowcasses

Latasha (locs)

When I first received my new satin pillow case cover, I have to say I was surprised.  Not only surprised because I received it, but because it was one of my favorite colors, pink!

Needless to say I was very anxious to use it. But wait, I wear a head scarf to sleep!  Well, put it like this, I try to wear a head scarf.  Most of the time, it ends up in the bed versus on my head!  Being a “nappy” head for over seven years, I know the importance of keeping your head covered while sleeping.  Not only does it retain moisture, but it also prevents breakage.

The first night I used it, I ironed it (ok, I’m a bit anal), tied up my locs and went to bed. I was extremely shocked at the condition of my hair the next morning.  It was not only moisturized, but it looked good too, and I’m a rough sleeper! I love my new satin pillow case cover. So much that I had some picutures taken of myself using it!  I’ll never go back to using a scarf again!  

Satin pillowcase for natural hair 
Kim Your Coils Will Feel Like Royalty

I was glad to receive pillowcase, as I had been meaning to get one and toss my unsexy satin bonnet which I seldom used anyway, even though my husband never disapproved (go figure, he wears a doo-rag to bed).  I thought, well if I’m getting rid of my cotton pillowcase: This satin pillow case will make you feel like Royalty!

Pillow case for natural hair
Tiana Tamara Townsel, the winner of ANNM 2008

I was a little nervous to use it at first because my silk bonnet holds my hair in place to a certain extent (since it has a drawstring and a tie) and I didn’t want to wake up from sleeping without it and look like who-did-it-and-why. However, about a day after receiving my pillow case, I took the plunge. I didn’t know what would happen in the morning but I knew I had no other alternatives if my hair looked crazy because I still had to get up and go to work. To my pleasant surprise when I woke up, my hair kept it’s shape and retained it’s moister! It had the same results as my silk bonnet but with a little more sex appeal. I am single, but I know that a man could definitely appreciate his sweetheart laying next to him with a pillow case rather than a bonnet.

satin pillowcase for natural hair to prevent hair breakageErica: Always Use Protection

Growing up I’ve always been taught to treat my body with the utmost respect. So why shouldn’t my hair be included? I think it is very important to protect our hair no matter what the situation… even if it is stargazing on the roof of your car with your boyfriend!

satin pillowcase for natural hair to prevent hair breakage

I can’t deny how Soft and Sumptuous that Satin Pillowcase feels. I also can’t deny that it’s was better for the health of my curly hair. My hair was soft and not dry. I also loved how gentle it felt on my face.

Vee Jefferson America's Next Natural ModelI got in bed and when I laid my head on that pillow…oh my, what a difference! No sticking. No snagging. No crackles. It felt like heaven. As my head glided across the pillow, I knew that I would never go back to regular, cotton pillow cases again. Read Vee’s Satin Treasure!

Everybody with hair needs a satin pillow case…No more overnight hair drama, No more too tight scarves cutting off your circulation. Read Sleeping with Satin…

Would the pillowcase keep my style over the week’s long-haul? By Friday, I found that it did leave my hair feeling much less dry than an ordinary cotton pillowcase.  

If you also want to protect your hair during the night and prevent hair breakage, you can choose from our new selection and order the Silk Pillowcasses or the Satin Pillowcasses. To read all their complete experiences see: Satin Pillowcase challenge of America’s Next Natural Model.  

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