feedback week 8 naturalbelle


wow! it’s been a great 8 weeks! everyone has done so well. it’s been a great 8 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed the task of judging Miss Napptuality.


my favorite image this week came from Timolin, the whole series of images have were amazing however this picture really stood out, the colors and the fashion forward hair style are great. over the last 8 weeks timolin’s pictures have been consistent in quality but also have varied in style, i always look forward to seeing what she will bring next.

ebony i love the oriental feel to this shot! it’s so on trend and the colors are stunning, this updo is gorgeous and so detailed, your picture’s are always consistent and creative. you definitely have the most commercial look and i think you could model and i think you should try whatever the outcome of this competition.

nina, you have come on the biggest journey! your photo shoots improve week after week. your picture quality has also improved. this week as always your pictures are vibrant and show your personality and i love your take on the updo!

Munya,i really like your updo, your locks look really good and i love how fresh your pictures look this week!  i really wish we had a few more weeks to see were your pictures could have gone. i feel as thought you have been a slow burning and you are now coming into your stride.


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