Easy remedies for an itchy scalp

remedies for an itchy scalp

There are few things more irritating than an itchy scalp. The human body has many marvelous ways to get our attention, to let us know that something is wrong. When you scalp is itching, it is for a reason. The problem is, that there are a lot of factors that may cause itchy scalp, and to remedy the situation, you must do some detective work.Almost every hair product made contains preservatives to 

remedies for an itchy scalp

Scalp Conditioning Spraykeep them from growing bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, the same chemicals that preserve your shampoo or conditioner can also cause a dry and itchy scalp. Some commonly used preservatives that are known to cause skin irritation are: propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, Coacamide, and parabens. Excessive scratching may give way to bacteria or fungus growing in our scalp. In other words, if you have an itchy scalp, you hair care products are the first place to look, and what is under your fingernails is the second.

An itchy scalp is an inflammatory reaction of the skin underneath the hair on your head. Some people have had this condition and from a medical standpoint it is rather benign. Itchy scalp can be caused by the following conditions:
• Stress and Anxiety (I want you to look at this as a real possibility)
• Allergy or sensitivity to hair products, including hair extensions.
• Excessive scratching that introduced bacteria or fungus into the scalp
• Scalp psoriasis
• Inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, such as lupus and hypothyroidism
• Head lice
• Folliculitis (infection of a hair follicle)
• Fungal infection or bacterial infection of the scalp
• Dandruff, otherwise known as seborrheic dermatitis.

As I said before, you simply need to do some detective work in order to find relief. Scratching and rubbing is definitely counterproductive, so the best thing to do is to:

  • Change Your Hair Products – Consider using products where the ingredients are natural oils and herbal blends.

  • Treat with a Scalp Conditioning Spray – Natural dryness will cause your scalp to itch. You can remedy the condition with Going Natural Scalp Condition Spray . For best results spray it on at night and wrap it. It is an all natural blend of herbs that is soothing to your scalp.

  • A wash with baking soda – This could also do the trick for itchy scalp. Dilute in water and then massage over the scalp. If you have scratched to the point of opening the skin, those areas are going to sting.

If you have tried the remedies above, you still have a problem with an itchy scalp, then try the dry sca it is about time that you seek help from experts. Try the Sula Deep Treatment to detox your scalp and hair. Your scalp will feel rejuvenated after just one treatment.

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