Do You! – Challenge 4

Tacoma Vacation -Wilbur smiles in Seattle Aug 2008- small

Safeeyah – You do possess a great smile which is disarming.  And that is definitely a plus.  But I felt your essay was repetitive and could have been edited.  Your photo is lovely, but it looks like a snapshot.  Your photos are full of hot spots and under your eyes could have been cleaned up.  I found your execution of this challenge disappointing.  That said, you do know how to work some scarves and hats.

Toshia – It was great that you wrote of the “true” you.  We all should celebrate our true selves.  But you should have profread your essay a little more carefully and I thought your photos should have shown a bit more range.  No hats or scarves?

Christina – I loved your essay.  It was a very different perspective from all the other ladies.  And you really take lovely photos.  You’re very regal.  A great effort for challenge 4.

Karla – I like the nature background for your gallery photos.  In one of the pictures, it looks like you are squinting because of the sunlight.  Overall, I think it’s a good spread.  I loved your essay for this challenge.  You definitely knocked it out the park!

Teesha – Each challenge I really look forward to viewing your gallery photos because you know how to put it down.  Photography is on point, make up is masterful and your pictures really tell a story.  Bravo!  This week you stepped it back up with your essay as well.  Inspiring and winning.

Lenore – Disappointing effort, again.  Check your angles and face positioning for your photo.  I am not sure where your gallery photos are.  Perhaps I have overlooked them.

Valaira – I loved your essay for this challenge.  The only problem I had was how the 2 font sizes were distracting.  Your essay photo is fabulous.  Classic & classy.  But where are your gallery photos?  Perhaps I overlooked them.

Janeria – Your essay is wonderful.  Your photo is great.  The lighting could have been somewhat better, but I thought you looked HOT.  But I could not find gallery photos for you either.  Perhaps I overlooked them as well.

 My choice for the challenge 4 winner is Teesha.  Best in Show!




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