NP Challenge #4

Toshia I always love your shoot locations.  Love your earrings in this one.  I would have love to see you in a few more colorful scarves or hat in this natural location.

christina you look nice in your head wraps. you look like you were having fun as you let your natural beauty show.

Safeeya I love your photos.  They were colorful and very stylish.  I like your creativity in this challenge.  It was guaranteed to catch a customers eye.

Karla your photo were very nice. also

Teesha, I always love your photos.  The color  and creativity in your shoots are great.  You always look like a pro.

Valaira your photo was nice as well


Lenore, I wish I could have seen you in more color.  you look great in color.  I like the big hat, but it was a little large, I think it would have look great in a brighter color


I’m going to go with Safeeya for the photo shoot in challenge 4 and

I’m going to go with Karla describing her take on the challeng, very confident and inspiring






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