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Natural Hair Delonne

Every one is entitled to at least one hair disaster in their lifetime. It’s just life. As human beings in search of who we are life teaches us lessons so we can become the person we need to be.

Natural Hair Delonne
Natural Hair Delonne

These are hair stories that users generously shared. At the heart of every story lies the theme “What did your hair teach you”, so we can all relate and learn from their experience.

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Name: Delonne Walters
Location: Caribbean Isle of St. Kitts

Profession: Natural Hair Stylist
When, why & how did you go natural?

I big chopped twice between March 2009 and July 2009. I was pregnant during that time, I got very indecisive. I use to watch vids on YouTube of people wearing their natural hair and never really took in all of it, I just saw them cut it all off and combing hair was easier and that’s what I wanted; to not have to stress about combing my hair. They started growing out and I have that thick, cottony hair so they were hard. I didn’t know what to put in them and it never crossed my mind to go back on YouTube to see what others were doing so I got fed up and went to the salon. After several month of heat styling due to the shortness of my hair, I got tired of it and big chopped again in July 2009. After my son was born, I manage to stay natural for several months, I tried locing for couple months, didn’t like it so I took them, and I had trouble maintaining my hair as it grew out. I was watching vids more often but always took a short cut so nothing ever came out right and again I got tired and fed so in April 2010 I turned to the creamy crack again. My excuse this time was ‘my hair was easier to maintain with my newborn’. 
Yes, it was a lot of back and forth and I needed to make up my mind as you can see. I tried to stick to the crack but at the same time I felt like I cheated my natural hair, never gave it chance, so I did my research and decided I would transition to natural after my birthday in September 2010. I continued watching the vids and picking up what I can. I saw person dealing with the 2 textures, relaxed ends and natural roots. I had no patience for that. I went to the barber shop September 13th and told him to take it all off and didn’t look back. It was challenging but knowledge is power. Between the vids and forums, I was managing to maintain my thick hair. I tried locking my hair again but micros this time and I loved them but it didn’t take long before I missed playing in my loose hair so I took them out wore my hair out. I was looking after my hair, poo, condish, dcs, moisturing, the works but they got longer and they got tiresome so I tried micros again. This time I did them really small and the interlocking took a toll on my hair. I didn’t want to lose all that hair I finally manage to grow back so I took down the micros again in February 2012 and have been a loose natural since. I started to look after my hair differently. Got a steady routine, got my staple products and even started eating healthier and working out more. Everything has been flowing right and my hair was showing it and everyone loved it. It’s now over two years since I did my last BC, like I said before there is no turning back. I AM Loving IT!!! I have not been to a hairdresser in 2 years. I do everything myself including my braiding.
What was the hardest part of your journey?

The hardest part of my journey was finding what worked for my hair.
And the best part?

The best part was creating the beautiful styles, the versatility and being an inspiration to others.
What did your hair journey teach you?

My journey taught me and is still teaching me that patience, the right knowledge and the right know how will always bring success.
Describe your worse hairdo and your best hairdo and please include a picture if you can.

My worst hairdo would be being lazy for several days and my hair get really dry and brittle to the point not even a big teeth comb can go through it. 
My best hairdo is a big blow out twist out.
Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate.

 Yes it has. I grow up getting my hair pulled and tugged at to comb every 2 weeks. I was left with headaches and my scalp red. I had the thinking that my hair would always be hard to comb. Now with all the other info that’s out there and the different hair products that has come on stream, I wash and comb my hair with ease. My mom now looks to me on what to do with her hair and she’s the one that taught me when I was younger how to “look after” my hair.
How long have you been a member and how did you find

I have been a member since September 2010 under the name MrsTSII then I opened a new account in January 2012. I found out about the site while searching for different info on going natural.
I love my hair because ….of its versatility and uniqueness



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