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Every one is entitled to at least one hair disaster in their lifetime. It’s just life. As human beings in search of who we are life teaches us lessons so we can become the person we need to be.

These are hair stories that users generously shared. At the heart of every story lies the theme “What did your hair teach you”, so we can all relate and learn from their experience.

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Name: Kirsten
Location: Columbia, SC

Profession: Teacher
When, why how did you go natural? 
I went natural on May 29, 2010 because my hair was in horrible shape. I had split ends, heat damage, and a bad haircut. It was truly awful so I started thinking about the times when my hair had actually been healthy, and the only times I could think of was when my hair was in its natural state. I’ve “gone natural” five times already only to finally get there and revert back to the “creamy crack,” but this time I’m on Team Natural for good. My hair just can’t take the harsh chemicals and bad hair practices that I’m tempted to use while relaxed. So in May I chopped all of my hair off. My last relaxer was in December 2009 so my TWA wasn’t as short as they come, but it was definitely a shock seeing my hair cut that low since I had transitioned to natural so many times before. 
What was the hardest part of your journey? 
The hardest part of my journey was finding a hair routine that works for me and creative styling options that won’t cause damage to my fine natural hair. Because I have fine natural hair, it’s prone to breakage, and instead of retaining length like other naturals, I feel like I have setbacks more frequently than others, which is quite frustrating at times. 
And the best part? 
The best part is all the styling choices that I DO have. I love playing in my hair for hours and coming up with new natural undo’s to wear out and about. 
What did your hair journey teach you? 
All of my friends would say that I am impatient–well, because it’s ABSOLUTELY true! 🙂 My hair, however, has broken me down and taught me the true meaning of the word. It takes patience to create a regimen that works for you and even more patience to recover from breakage and setbacks. I also had to learn to wait on certain hairstyles simply because my hair wasn’t quite long enough. 
Describe your worse hairdo and your best hairdo and please include a picture if you can. 
My worst hairdo was the asymmetric hair cut I had before I cut off my hair. It just didn’t suit my face shape. My best hairdo would be the hairstyle I recreated from Essence Magazine. It was the fiercest yet simplest updo I’ve ever seen. It has three braids on both sides and the hair is pushed forward into a pompadour. 
Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate. 
I used to think that straight hair was the only pretty hair. Even when I was natural before now, I would always keep my hair either braided or straightened because I didn’t think my unruly hair could be considered chic, but looking back on it natural hair was just as beautiful then as it is to me now. I only wished that I had embraced it sooner!
How long have you been a member and how did you find 
I’ve been a member for about two months, and I stumbled across this site when doing a Google search for a natural hair question I had. 
I love my hair because …. It’s VERSATILE!

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