Challenge 8 – Letter to State the Case for Natural Hair

In this 8th Challenge, it is apparent that these awesome contestants put in a considerable amount of effort, time and energy to meet this challenge.  Unfortunately, none of the entries submitted sounded like a professional letter to an official.  I think this is a case of perhaps over-thinking the challenge.  I was expecting to read succinct letters to officials stating the case for natural hair.  This I didn’t see, though I could see that an considerable amount of thought went into what was presented.

Therefore for the writing I am unable to choose a winner.

 For the photos I can not decide between Teesha and Christina.  For me it’s a tie between the two of them.  They made an effort to think outside of the box. 

Teesha, wowed us again with her creativity and the diversity in her photos.

Christina took the time to present herself professionally at a Supreme Court and she looked ready to battle and beautiful at the same time.





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