Bridal Twists for natural hair

Wedding Hairstyle for Naturals

Natural hair can make your wedding day even more special. A great stylist can create an unforgettable hairstyle that will surprise your future husband and turn heads even after the ceremony. A closer look at Anima styled by Tendrills will show you proof.


Tendrils Bride

Never a dull moment at the BAM Dance Africa Bazaar. As the beautifully coiffed models of Tendrils Hair and Spa elegantly strolled by, many a head stopped and turned to take a closer look at their outstanding hairstyles.

Natural Bridal Styles

The beautiful Anima with half long natural hair showed a super elegant bridal style.

Natural Bridal Styles

Her hair was beautifully cornrowed from the back and the sides up to her crown. While some of the ends of the cornrows were twisted some of the twists where let loose as to allow her natural texture accentuate her beautiful face.

Natural Bridal Styles

Even the police couldn’t withstand the natural beauty and willingly participated in the photo shoot jumping under the umbrella to share the shade with model Anima.

Natural Bridal Styles

Hair by Tendrils Hair and Spa

Tendrils Hair Spa
87 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Natural Bridal Styles

Dress by: Cassandra Bromfield
Accessories and headpiece by Beauloni Style


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