America’s Next Natural Model: Challenge 3 Critique

 It is an honor to be serving as a guest judge for challenge 3 of the America’s Next Natural Model Challenge. It has been great to see how these beautiful contestants have progressed thus far and boy is the competition fierce! I particularly enjoyed judging this portion of the competition as my family is from Jamaica and I have also lived there.  So you know I was really looking for some Jamaican flavor to shine through with the product write-ups and photos exuding the power of natural hair beauty. So without further ado, on to the critiques:

Photo Challenge

Teesha’s photos were AMAZING! From the makeup, the color of her clothing and even her lime earrings, everything in the shoot made the connection to the products being advertised. Her hair looks great and is styled well to help promote the product at hand.

I loved the concept and scenery for Toshia’s photos. However, the resolution of some of the pictures weren’t of the highest quality, and it was also hard to distinguish the labels of the products.

I liked the depth of the field in Janeria’s shots; however, I hoped to see more close-up pictures showcasing her beauty. I also would have chosen a more lively and engaging backdrop.


Write-up Challenge

I loved Toshia’s intro. It was very engaging and made you want to read more about these products. Her description of how the products worked for her hair as well was also written in a way to encourage others to try the products for themselves!

Although Teesha’s photos were amazing, I would have loved to see more information in her write-up. She also had a great introduction, but did not follow that with an in-depth description of how the products worked for her.

MissNP10 took it a step further by including a detailed tutorial of two-strand twists with the products in her write-up, which I thought was creative and will be helpful to those who may want to try that style with the products.


These two ladies really stood out to me and I will have to choose Teesha as my photo challenge winner and Toshia for the write-up challenge winner.


Some advice for all the contestants:

Many of you had great concepts for your photo challenge, but the quality and resolution of your pictures is hurting you in this category. If you are serious about this competition, you might want to try hard to step it up in this arena.

With your write-up entries, please keep in mind that you are writing not to just document but to engage the reader. Although you are sharing personal feelings, they should be shared in a way that invites the reader to become a part of your personal experience. Thinking about this while you are writing should help you improve for the next rounds!


Keep up the good work ladies!



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