Mango & Lime – Challenge 3

I just completed the reading of the entries for each contestant and viewing their pictures.  Each contestant is such a lovely sister with a story to tell.  Here is what stood out for me.


Christina – I like her tale of her connectedness to things Jamaican and southern.  I think that was a  natural link between her and the product.  Her us of the term”Wha Gwa” made me wonder. I don’t know what that means and the link wasn’t live.  Pics were cute and saucy loved the Jamaican colored shades.

Janeria – I believe this story would have read better if it started out talking about the product and then followed up with her challenges.  I loved the creative positioning of how she placed the products so that they popped and she was there in the background but still quite visible.  Great picture Janeria.

Toshia – Toshia had a great story about the  her use of the products.  I enjoyed her colorful use of language and the visual picture she drew with her vision of being on the beach etc.  Her reference to 4B hair left me baffled.  I think it’s best to assume your reader knows nothing, rather than to refer to terms that are not universally known.   I’m still wondering what 4B hair means?  Toshia’s   photos were lovely, believable and left her looking like a tropical delight.  Loved the waterfall in the background.

Miss NP 1 – The story that Miss NP 1 wrote was short and to the point.  I think she could have said a little more.  Her explanation of this product vs any other that she used was insightful.   I did like the succinct way she used the bullet points.  In term of her picture, I wish that the hair could have been done so that the fullness of her hair could have been seen, more twist done uniformly, but still I liked it.  The picture of NP 1 wasy  both simple and powerful.  I was drawn in by the lime earrings and the peacock – make-up painting  of her eyes.  Very creative and quite lovely!

Miss NP 10 – I was really impressed by the details and insights into usage of products followed up by the step by step detailed descriptions and accompanying photos of styling step.  The white background though, did not allow the pics to pop.  It made the pic look generic.  Quality of photos were disappointing and affected the overall look of this model’s presentation.  I’m looking forward to Ms. NP stepping up her game.   Also as with the others, I prefer the name of the contestant rather than refer to them by number.  Use your names ladies.

 Lenora Johnson – It is obvious that this ebony hued sister has beautiful skin but you can’t tell this with these photos.  The quality of the photos are really poor and in no way represents her beauty.  Her story started out engaging and then just kind of feel off.  Lenora it’s time to enroll help of friends and family to assist you in presenting yourself in the dynamic way we first saw you in this contest.

Miss NP 4 – I really enjoy the story of NP 4.  The details of dealing with her texture hair and wanting to Loc is a real issue for many sisters and brothers.  Her use of language to describe the texture of the products and their aromatic affects on her is a delightful treat.  From her first submission I was hoping for something a little more creative in term of NP 4’s  picture submission.  Follow through with creativity has to remain consistent.

 Karla – It seems that Karla has entered this competition with the intention of winning.  Her pictures always feature a genuine smile and an environment that is compelling and features the product in an integrative way.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to live somewhere warm and use the environment.  A great plus for Karla.  She looks as though she has submerged herself into creating images that reflect her inner beauty and the greatness of the products.  Her story seems well thought out, definitive and researched.  Karla continues to be offer quality submissions.   

 I was a difficult choice.  But in the end I have chosen:

My number one choice for story is Karla

My number one choice for photos is Lenora

~Anu Prestonia

Khamit Kinks, Inc.


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