Am nappyly natural but not a public property

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Have you ever got a comment like oh is that your hair?, oh no this is not your hair…., how many tracks do you have? how long did it take to do your hair like this?,you must be spending fourtune with your hair with different sytle each aday. how come you hair is so nappy?  oh sorry i dont like dating ladies with loc or natural hair,i like it straight and silky.

well the next step after any of the asbove comments is to touch your hair?

this is just like a pregnant woman, every stranger feels like they can touch her belly just because she is prego ,however this will never happen if she are’nt prego.she does not become public property just because she is pregant.

ok now let talk about the hair. so peple expecially those with different textured hair feels like they can touch and feel your nappy hair just because you are natural without your pemission. what is that? that is not cool, am not public property .am a black beautiful lady with unique hair.Just look , admire ask quetions and dont just touch.

i dont know about you but am speaking for very creative with my hair even when i have extentions like braids or i creat a work of art with my hair in extention and i get a lot of compliment ,however they end up touching my hair before i notice them and that get on my last nerves. mind you i will never go to them and start touching thier hair…..

so this is what i did oneday,some one stated feeling and touching my hair from my back and i had no idear she touched my hair till i felt the pull of one braid and i turn andi reached out and  started touching and feeling her  hair and scalp, you should see the red,angrey face starring at me…..guess what she got offended started cursing me….so i told her this is how i feel  so dont touch my hair ever again.look and dont touch .(as mama will always say)

since then ,no one touch my hair like a puplic property but they ask permission and if am in a good mood then you can feel my scalp

so natural sisters out there.pls dont be a public propertyon your hair  just cos you have nappy,black, unique beautiful hair.

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