Ajani Sekou

ajani sekou
ajani sekou
ajani sekou

Name: Ajani Sekou
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Artist/ Natural Stylist

Why do you choose to wear your hair the way you do?
I’m an artist and I love to express myself in a lot of different ways. I wear my hair in locs and cut into a Mohawk. I want people to know who they are dealing with before I speak. My hair speaks volumes!

How important is a woman’s hair to you?
I am currently single and typically only date natural women. If you got a perm it’s not your turn! I love the way natural hair feels in my hands. As I Natural Stylist I like to invision what I can do with my woman’s hair and keep her looking fly, I also think there is a certain swag natural women exude over their permed sisters. That’s the hair god gave you. You all up in church praising his name and then frying your roots. Since moving to NY I am seeing a lot of weaves, and considering dropping some standards, but I still want a natural women.

Have you ever been stereotyped? If so can you please share details?
I’ve never been stereotyped to my face, I guess they don’t get me. Cool with me, gotta keep ’em guessing. And I dare someone to put me in a box.

Do you think black hair is an issue? Why or why not?
Of course black is an issue. Other races love and envy what our queens posses and we hate it. I mean perms come in “Super” whoa. Did you know that each follicle on your head is connected to a nerve and blood vessel? Each time a perm is applied those chemicals are going directly into your body. I have sister come to the shop with crazy hair loss from perm and weave damage looking for me to perform a miracle. I’m a loctician not a magician.

Are there things that you as a man would like to see changed when it comes to natural hairstyles and society?
I follow my path although I’m not my hair, my hair is me! Not until REAL brother’s doing big things come to the light the media will continue to have us think we need to look a certain way to do a certain thing. C’mon mayne, for real!

ajani sekouajani sekou

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Web page: facebook.com/ajanisekou


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