A Walk-in Wash!

walk-in-wash-natural-hairYou have already been granted that wish without even knowing about it. The cheapest service offered at hair salons is a walk-in hair wash. So if you have a lot of work at hand and are not getting the time or the will to wash your hair, just pop into about any salon at all and request a shampoo only for your Afro hair.

You don’t need to plan ahead or make an appointment. All you need to do is to go there and ask for the next available stylist to wash your hair. It might be a short wait until you can get one. If it’s a new salon you are trying or you are provided with a stylist who hasn’t worked with you previously, then explain to him or her how would you like your shampooing done. But if it’s a salon and a stylist you regularly go to, then just sit back and relax while your natural hair is being washed. 

Keep a bottle of a Herbal Shampoo you prefer in your handbag or your car. So that if you make a sudden decision to get a walk in wash, you can have the stylist use the shampoo you like, in case if the salon doesn’t carry it already. Explain to the stylist HOW you want your hair to be shampoo-ed. Do you want them to concentrate more on your scalp? Squeeze the shampoo through your twists? Smooth your hair in one direction to avoid roughing up the cuticles? Be gentle with your newly matured dreadlocks? Get it all out on the table so the stylist doesn’t have to keep guessing about your preferences.

Once shampooed, make sure the stylist has taken his or her time to rinse away the shampoo from your natural hair. This becomes even more important if you are wearing twists, extensions, cornrows or dreadlocks. Don’t hesitate in telling them NO for a service you don’t want. If you only want a shampoo wash, don’t let yourself be forced into staying for conditioning if you don’t want it done. Let them know how you would like your hair to be dried and/or re-done. Build a rapport with the stylist and be friendly.

My friend Napia Mia over at nappturality.com got this service done for as little as $5. If you think that it was because she has a short natural, you are wrong. Many would envy her kinky, coily, over the shoulder reaching tresses. Still, the amount will differ depending upon your hair length, complexity of handling it and the place you get it done from. As a matter of fact, the only thing cheaper than this is doing it yourself! So whether you have messed up hair from wrong application of a new product or you simply don’t like washing your own hair, pamper yourself the next time your hair need washing and go for a walk-in hair wash service at a salon!

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