Help me Give the Gift that keeps Giving this holiday

Gifts from the Diaspora


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Gifts From Suriname available at

The past months were certainly not bump free but if I am thankful for something, it is the fact that I was able to build, a beautiful save space to shop for Black hair care products and Naturalista Fashion.

Building the site took me many, many hours. It also cost me a pretty penny but I am happy that it is up and running. Now I hope you can help me launch it.

The goal is to have at least 100 different shops that can offer you everything from Black hair products to the latest innovations on hair care, tools, accessories and more. Realizing this is a challenge. 

How can you help?
You can help by getting a gift at my crowdfunding campaign website

One of a kind, handmade pangi’s from Suriname. You can get them at

These gifts illustrate the ultimate goal of this proudly build marketplace. A safe space for us to shop that also allows entrepreneurs from the Diaspora to grow their businesses.

So in return for a donation you can get an exceptional gift that directly supports a local business. Not just in America but also overseas, in Suriname, South America.

This is what I call a gift of giving as your donation will also contribute to launching the marketplace and its future.  

Sharing is Caring
I would be very thankful if you could afford a donation of $10 or more and share it with the rest of your world.

If you know an entrepreneur who makes his or her own hair products, tools, accessories or designs, please let them know that you want to see their products on my marketplace and share the crowdfunding site with them

Please also tell your friends, family and acquaintances, about the crowdfunding and share the link to donate: 

I am grateful for each and every donation and every single share. I look forward to your support.

Thank you and happy Holidays!
Mireille Liong is updated and for more about me check out my bio at

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