Weave Damage; Please help

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Please help!!

I did the big chop in August of 2007 and I’ve been wearing my hair natural ever since. Until my hair grew out, I had been wearing weaves and my hair came out really bad around the front sides and my nape area last year which was of my own doing from not taking out my weaves correctly.

The hair on top of my head has grown out beautifully and the problem areas have finally filled back in but are growing very, very slowly. Is there anything you could suggest to help these problems areas or do I just need to be more patient and give it more time to grow out? I want to wear my own natural hair out but these issues that I am having are preventing me from doing that. Please Help!!!!

Tara S.

Hello Tara,

First I like to say good for you. It is a good sign that your hair has grown beautifully and the problem areas of your hair are filling in.

Weaves are a great way to give your hair a rest and let it grow out but many sisters suffer from the problem you have. That is because concealing your own hair in the front for a natural look makes all the difference in wearing a wave. At the same time the edges are most delicate so one has to pay extra care to that area. A good stylist should know how to conceal your edges without risking damaging them. Glues are never a good solution because they tend to pull hair out and can irreparably damage the roots.

Although it is a good sign that your hair is filling in in those difficult areas, it is hard to say if your edges will completely return to the way they were. From what you say it doesn’t sound like your follicles are irreparably damaged and that is why your hair is still growing but only a hair consultant who can look at your hairline from up-close can verify this.

In any case you will need to be patient because hair only grows 1 inch a month. There is stuff you can do however. Keep taking good care of your hair and try Khamit Kinks Medicinal oil. It is especially designed for scalp problems like yours.

There are also styles that you can wear so you can flaunt your beautifully grown stresses. Headbands are a great option but be careful not to smother your hair in the front. You can also choose styles with braids in the front that leave the hair in the back out. Take a look at this months Before and After for inspiration. Good luck and fee free to keep us posted.

Going Natural Hair Care package
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