Video Diary of Chantal Ansah

Going Natural Video Diary Chantal Anesh

If you ever wondered how do models feel without a wig and if they are confident enough to model with Natural Hair, check out this video diary from Chantal Ansah.

Chantal is a gorgeous model who I even find sexier with her natural hair. What I beginning to notice in the diaries is that thick nappy hair is an excuse to relax. Many of us feel that it was right to relax our hair because it was to thick. Yet once it’s relaxed and becomes thinner we complain. 

I truly feel a lot of what Chantal expresses though. Not only does she mention self love  and confidence it’s also very powerful that she explains that Going natural thaught her how to be versitile as a model: 
Being natural really emphized that being confident doesn’t have to come with long locs, or the kinkiest hair
What you have is what you have. Embrace it, love it can care for it. Work it!

What do you think?

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This video is part of our online documentary “The Going-Natural Video Diaries.” Our goal is to picture the Natural Hair Movement while it’s happening.

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