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going natural

going naturalGreetings & Welcome!

My name is Mireille Liong. I am a Social Entrepreneur, creator and owner of this website.

I started with the goal to change the perception of Natural Hair so that Black women who wanted to go natural would feel comfortable to make that choice.

The fact that 73% of African American women suffer from hair break and scalp issues due to the use of relaxers, both bothered and inspired me. I thought it was an outrage that no one was even talking about these issues, let alone doing something about it.

So to paint a different picture about natural black hair, I wrote Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, started this website, the Pursuit of Nappiness and America’s Next Natural Model.

There have definitely been bumps in the road but overall it has been a great journey because most of you kept visiting and as you see the community keeps growing. I know I couldn’t have done it without your visits, comments and suggestions. Now I am really grateful for this but I need to ask for your help once again.

You see, I built everything you look at using my own savings and by being smart but even for a woman in tech it’s hard to keep up with innovations on a limited budget. So to keep up, improve the site, the shop and your experience, I am asking you to vote for

Your vote is crucially important to help me get the $250.000 grant that I applied for to build a better So can you please click on the link below, then:

1) click on the button “Login & Support” to login with your facebook account.

2) search for business name, then click on the vote button on the right.

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance!


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