The origin of Miss Np


The word Nappturality was inventd by Patricia Gains for good reasons….

The origin of Nappturality
The word Nappturality was invented by Patricia Gains. To convey that nappy hair has spirituality of its own, she combined the words: nappy, natural and spirituality. Since Miss Gains founded the website in 2003, it has grown into a movement. With over 60.000 members it is host to the largest forum on the World Wide Web where women of color from all walks of life can blatantly discuss and share their personal natural hair experience. To honor Patricia’s hard work and to carry on all she’s doing, Going Natural initiated the Miss Nappturality Contest. More about Patricia Gains.

Going Natural
The website was created to celebrate the journey of women going back to their nappy roots. Host and initiator of this competition is Mireille Liong-A-Kong. She is also the author of the book Going Natural, How to fall in Love with Nappy Hair. More about Mireille: Interview ~ Bio.

Note: The goal of is not to judge anyone's choice of hairstyle or any hair type. The goal of this website is to bring home the joy of natural hair care and styling.

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The origin of Nappturality


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