Black Models dismissed at #MiamiSwimWeek; Afros were a no-no

Beautiful Black Models

Two upset models posted a clip after being dismissed for a casting at #MiamiSwimWeek. Now being rejected is certainly not odd in the modeling world. Rejection is a big part of becoming and even being a model so I guess they are at least used to it. However, it’s the way these beautiful Black models, 11 of them, were dismissed.

First they closed the casting at Miami Swim Week. It was clear to these models that the goal was to get them out of line and move master. Once the 11 models were out of the line the organization opened the casting back up only to say that they didn’t want any more Black Models and afros were a no-no.

It is even ok, if they didn’t need any more Black models. There is a quota for all castings so if that goal was already met, it would have been more than ok to communicate this but why not do so in the first place? Why would this organization of #MialmiSwimweek close the casting first, wait till all the Black models are gone then open it up and “come clean”? Was it coming clean or just a made up excuse? The remark that Afros are a no-no on top of that leaves the impression that Black women weren’t welcome at all.

This is nothing new either. It is in fact the reason why I started America’s Next Natural Model in 2008. When Tyra Banks still had both of her own shows and interviewed Alek Wek, they spoke about Black models not being on the runway as if they were out of fashion. See About America’s Next Natural Model

That conversation inspired me to start this great online pageant that already brought forth five beautiful models.

This year’s 10th anniversary will even be bigger, better and more exiting as the winner gets a photo and video shoot in Suriname, my home country in South America.

SLM, Suriname’s national carrier is sponsoring the tickets making sure we get comfortably and safely to our destination while Eco Resort will make sure we can relax, get great food and a good night sleep in an environment embraced by nature. Clothing, Accessories, Hair Products and more will be sponsored by the one stop shop a safe secure marketplace to shop!

For more information about America’s Next Natural Model and how to join the pageant visit America’s Next Natural Model goes Suriname and please spread the word! Every share, comment and like helps.

Beautiful Black Models


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