The Master Pioneer Awards

black woman with locs
black woman with locs
black woman with locs

Recognition for those who deserve it as well as financially assisting our benefactor who is providing free education to qualified entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs in this industry.

Anita Hill Moses – organizer of the Master Pioneer Awards

Questions about the Natural Hair Industry:


It is safe to say you are in love with natural hair?

Absolutely. To not be in love with natural hair is like not being in love with yourself. It is who we are and how God made us. To dishonor it, alter it, and deny it, is just like not acknowledging our creator.


 What keeps that love alive?
When I look back over the 20 years or so that I have been an integral part of the natural hair care industry, I see the advancements that have been made. The number of individuals that are embracing their natural hair is overwhelming. The number of clients that I personally have helped transition or grow their natural hair and locs, keeps my love burning.


 What motivates you to continue being a pioneer in the natural hair industry?

My clients, my students, and my colleagues with integrity who share my passion for this business keeps me motivated and encouraged.


 Many people are saying that the rise of natural hair is a movement; some say it is a fad. What do you say?
I say that fads come and go and do not last very long. Natural hair is most definitely a movement. A movement in self awareness, self acceptance and self love. It began in the 60’s and has continued to move forward and redefine itself throughout the 80’s, 90’s and far into the millennium.


Where do you see the natural hair industry in 5 years?

Wow! That is a good question and to be honest with you I see the natural hair industry in 5 years being highly commercialized. Unfortunately this will be due to the huge amounts of money that the industry will generate and of course we all know what happens when money is involved. I do think that there will be those individuals who will do all that is possible to protect the integrity of the industry and will not sell out. We shall see because I do plan on being around and being a major player and a loud voice…


Questions about You:


What is your creative process?

Humm, I am not sure that I have a “creative” process per say. I simply aim to please. I do not have a problem asking my clients what they want until I am sure I understand it. If they are not satisfied the first time then I do it until they are satisfied regardless of how long it takes. If I know in advance what the client wants, I think about it in my mind and picture what the end result would look like and imagine myself creating the style.

What is your process for creating styles?
Again I begin by asking questions about a look the individual may want. Then I take it from there. If they do not have any idea, I simply look at them and visualize what style would enhance their pre-existing beauty.


 You are not only an amazing stylist, and business woman, but you are also a teacher. How has your styling technique as well as teaching evolved since you first started?

My styling technique and teaching has evolved because I personally have evolved. I am a totally different person now then what I was 20 years ago. My personal growth and maturity have made me a more open minded individual and more patient, thereby causing a positive affect on my styling technique and teaching manner. I am still firm in my belief’s and I take a no nonsense approach to teaching and styling, but I listen more and am open to the possibilities that there is always more then one option available.


Who are your major influences?

My major influence is Bonnie Hill my mother who passed on to life eternal in 2003. She has been and always will be the most influential person in my life.


 Can you give us your top 5 tips on the care of natural hair?
– Do not become a product junky.
– Shampoo and Condition your hair and locs only once every 3 – 4 weeks
– Oil and moisturize your natural hair equally
– Refrain from excessive heat, eg. flat ironing, intense blow drying, and hot combing. They will alter the natural curl pattern

– See a licensed natural hair care professional at least 4 times per year if you

cannot afford to see one every other month,


What are your upcoming shows?

The Master Pioneer Awards. This is an award ceremony honoring the original pioneers of the natural hair care industry. For complete details you can go to


What is your advice for new pioneers in the natural hair industry?
Don’t ever think you know it all. Be open to advice and suggestions. Get your credentials, they speak volumes; and don’t believe everything you watch on Youtube.


What is your formula to success?
Commitment and dedication to yourself and your goals, along with a clear financial plan and budget + respect, commitment and dedication to your staff because you can not do it by yourself + commitment and dedication to your clients = success


What has been your biggest challenge in the Natural Hair Industry? How did you conquer it? Or, how are you overcoming that challenge?

My biggest challenge was finding qualified and committed stylists that shared my goals and vision. I no longer have that challenge because I am staffed with five amazing, mature, talented, licensed professionals who know and understand the nature of the business and love what they do. They do not look at this as a job but a career.


Questions about the Event:


It is no doubt that you are a Master Pioneer yourself. You are most known for your company B.A.D. (Braids and Dreads) and the Roc Da Locs Tour. You have done a lot in the natural hair community.


What has inspired you to organize The Master Pioneer Awards?
I guess it got really tired of attending natural hair shows, trade shows, seminars and workshops, and listening to individuals boast about their contributions to this industry and being “the first”. I do not consider myself a pioneer, but maybe an offspring. So because I knew who “the first” actually were, I felt it was time others knew as well.


 What do you hope this event will accomplish?

Recognition for those who deserve it as well as financially assisting our benefactor who is providing free education to qualified entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs in this industry.


 You have some incredible recipients. How did you choose the honorees this year?
I thought long and hard about that and decided that basically they had to have been in the industry for at least 25 years, have made a significant contribution in the areas of business formation, education, technique, and product development.


 Can we look forward to the Master Pioneer Awards Annually?

Not sure about that, you would have to ask that question of our consultant/publicist Jelani Bandele who has been guiding me in the right

direction. But it looks like it may be every other year.

Closing Question:


What is next on your agenda?
The biggest natural hair, health, and beauty show in a location where one has never been held, and in a way it’s never been done before.

Well we sure look forward to that one. Please keep us posted!

This interview was conducted by Jaye from Nappy Muse TV

September 18, 2011

The Inaugural Master Pioneer Awards will be held at the BROOKLYN MUSEUM in the presence of the largest collection of sub-Saharan African art in an American art museum, and among world-renowned permanent collections ranging from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art documenting the current social reality of the U.S.A.

Early Bird RESERVATIONS can be made now at
Tickets go on sale May 1, 2011. Prices are as follows:
$50 Before 8/25/11
$60 After 8/25/11




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