The Master Pioneer Award 2013

Anu Prestonia and Ngone Sow
Anu Prestonia and Ngone Sow
Anu Prestonia and Ngone Sow

The Master Pioneer Award was the idea of Miss Anita Hill Moses, an expert hairstylist who served the Natural Hair Care industry for more than 20 years. Her drive was to honor, celebrate and elevate the trailblazers of the natural hair world who were instrumental in developing an industry that hardly existed to one that is flourishing right now. 

Since the early 1980’s more than 5,000 natural hair care salons have launched and more than $ 1 billion has been spent on natural hair care products. 

Thanks to these trailblazers natural hair is now steeped in American culture but long before there were blogs, vlogs and websites dedicated to natural hair there were a few visionaries who already imagined what has now began to bloom. It is these hard working visionaries who are thankfully being honored for paving the way. 

This year the honorees were Adio Kuumba Akil, Carla Brown, Cecelia Denise Hinds, Debra Hare-Bey, Maria Thompson, Mishon Mishon, Ngone Sow and Troy Harrison. Every single one of them with serious credentials to look up to.


The award ceremony that took place in the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium at the Brooklyn Museum was grandiose. Even if an invitation said Black Tie you wouldn’t expect so many and such colorful smashing gowns. That must have set the tone for the evening because everyone was in a great mood. Smiles, incredible dresses and impressive hairstyles, were there even before the entertainment started. 

The honorees, their speeches, spoken word from Miss China and the fabulous hair and fashion show from Sakeenah Nzingha just elevated the evening then brought it to a spectacular end.

Miss Moses supported by Diane Bailey most definitely succeeded in putting the Master Pioneer Award on the map as one that every one, natural or not, should see.   



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