Ebony’s Valentine’s Twist Out

Ebony's Valentine Twist Out

WOW! Curly Twist Out Hair Milk has helped me achieve one of the best twist outs I’ve ever had! My hair is soft, well-defined, and healthy looking.


Twist Out Ebony, Winner of America's Next Natural Model
Twist Out Natural Hairstyle by Ebony

Want to create the most beautiful, moisturized, defined, lasting, and shiny twist out? It’s very simple, follow these instructions…. 

To achieve  the best twist out, you must start with freshly cleansed hair. I suggest a shampoo with low sulfates or none at all. Going-Natural.com’s Herbal Shampoo works wonders.

Helpful Hint: Depending on length, it would be beneficial to shampoo your hair while it’s in 4-8 large twists to help decrease the detangling process and make it easier.


Curly Twist Out Hair Milk, Going Natural

Next, apply a generous amount of Curly Twist Out Hair Milk throughout each section of your hair from the roots to tips. Pay special attention to the ends. It is best to apply the Hair Milk to wet hair to maximize and ensure even coverage. It also controls the amount of product that is absorbed into your hair. Too much product and not enough water can result in stiff and/or crunchy hair.

Detangle each section from the bottom up. Doing so will minimize breakage and evenly distribute the Hair Milk. Keep a spray bottle filled with water near by just in case your hair starts to dry. Wetter is better.

Helpful Hint: Using a detangling tool with smaller teeth (i.e. Tangle Teezer) will help make your strands smoother in preparation of a gorgeous twist out. It’s easier to detangle each section before styling to have it out of the way.

Once hair is completely detangled, add medium sized twists to each section. If you want your twists to lie closer to your head, it helps to split the two pieces horizontally instead of vertically.

 Once you’ve completed your twists, let your hair dry thoroughly to get the most crisp results.

WOW! Curly Twist Out Hair Milk has helped me achieve one of the best twist outs I’ve ever had! My hair is soft, well-defined, and healthy looking.

Curly Twist Out Hair Milk is amazing! Not only does my hair look and feel great, but it smells wonderful. The scent is clean and subtle, so it doesn’t drown out my perfume like lots of products on the market.

All I had to do was apply a little oil or an oil based product to my ends while unravelling my hair. Applying water or water-based products to finished styles can result in shrinkage! (EEK!)

At night all I have to do is re-twist in bigger sections and sleep in a satin scarf. The next morning, my hair is just as gorgeous as the day before. My hair is still soft and has the flexibility to re-position my part!

Three days later, my twist out is still beautiful. I love how I can style it without getting dents in my hair. The repeated twisting at night helps to preserve, protect, and elongate my tresses! I love it more and more everyday!





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