The Big Chop YAY!!!!!

Big Chop Near Me


Yesterday I just got to the point were I was just fed up with the perming and all the heat that was damaging my hair. So I just made up my mind to just chop it all off. At first I thought alot of people like my family were going to look at me like I was nuts but when they seen it they were in shock not because they thought I lost my marbles lol but because  it actually looked good lol. So that really made me feel alot better. I told my boyfriend of  going on 3 years about it and he took it well he supposts me in all I do and thats why I love him. He even joked and said we could grow our hair out together lol. Well today is a new day and I have no regrets. It almost feels like I’m working on a new me. Well thanks for reading and there will be more updates on the way.

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