Thank you for coming to BAD Hair Uprooted

BAD Hair Uprooted Greenspace NYC
BAD Hair Uprooted Greenspace NYC
BAD Hair Uprooted Greenspace NYC

Your beautiful textures, creative styles and vibrating energy made my exhibition absolutely outstanding and magnificent. So with a joyful heart I like to thank you for coming to BAD Hair Uprooted and helping me change perceptions by capturing and sharing your favorite natural hairstyles with your friends on social media.

What made this event extra special is that it was right here in my beloved neighborhood of Bedstuy. This vibrant part of Brooklyn has become my home away from home. The fact that I had the chance to shoot Council Member Jumaane Williams and could include him and Robert E. Cornegy in the exhibition was icing on the cake. These two elected officials with dreadlocks added extra weight to the message behind the exhibition: shooting for justice, changing perceptions one shot at the time.

Not only did I feel grateful to share the full message behind my work, I just couldn’t have chosen a better person introduce me than Lurie Favors’, the woman who’s fabulous Afro remains a show stopper of the exhibition. The portrait named the Fro of the 2000’s that still sparks controversy on social media today inspired her to publish Afro State of Mind, Memories of a Nappy Headed Black Girl.

17 loc crowns back3

Another highlight was Master Loctition and Loc Sculptor Shakilla who’s natural hairstyle “Crown of Locs” is not only a center piece of the exhibition. Her unique hairstyle is also featured on the cover of my book. To show off her unmatched talent Shakilla styled three models who kept turning heads all evening.

For the audience it was also nice to meet Tiffany B Chanel and Natasha Gaspard in person, two other beautiful models featured in the book and exhibition.

My special thanks goes out to Greenspacenyc who allowed me to have my exhibition in their community art space. Especially Laura Scherling who said yes from the first time I showed her my work and Jeff Kasper who did a great job with the installation.

I also like to thank Kenneth Mathews from the Seeds of Wisdom Foundation, an organization that helps upcoming artists develop their craft by providing video services and social media promotion. Thanks to the foundation the event was recorded and pictures were taken. Please take a look at the photos from BAD Hair uprooted and stay tuned for the video.

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