Soft and Sumptuous

Pillow case for natural hair

The day I received my Miss Nappturality package of goodies I had gone to get hair supplies. When I got through the goodies I was happy to see that we received what else but a Soft and Sumptuous Satin Pillowcase!

Pillow case for natural hair

Soft and Sumptuous Satin Pillowcase
I went right back to Sally’s (yes I go there from time to time, but not for products) and asked the cashier for a return. She said: “What happened you were so excited earlier when you found this pillowcase.” I simply replied “I don’t need it anymore, thanks I’ll take a refund”.

I went back home and thought I was going to try out the pillowcase right away, but I didn’t feel like laying down. My dog Marley however was curious about this new fabric in our home. I let him feel it and realized that it wasn’t a good idea to let him get too attached. That night I slept on the oh so Soft and Sumptuous Satin pillowcase. I was hoping to wake up with commercial perfect poppin’ curls. To my dismay I woke up with a frizzy mess and serious bedhead. I was disappointed. I can’t deny how Soft and Sumptuous that Satin Pillowcase feels. I also can’t deny that it’s was better for the health of my curly hair. My hair was soft and not dry. I also loved how gentle it felt on my face.



My cotton pillowcase absorbs the natural oils in my hair and returns them back to my face when I roll over. My cotton pillowcase also leaves the evidence of good sleep with its fold imprints on my delicate face. Although cheap, my cotton pillowcase will eventually reek havoc on my hair.



I will continue to use the Soft and Sumptuous Satin pillowcase; the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

If you also want to protect your hair during the night and prevent hair breakage, you can choose from our new selection and order the Silk Pillowcasses or the Satin Pillowcasses. To read all their complete experiences see: Satin Pillowcase challenge of America’s Next Natural Model.


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