Semi-Freeforming Locs

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I started my semi-freeforming journey about 5 weeks ago.  I chose this route for several reasons.

For one, I was afraid that if I constantly retwisted, my locs would get thin at the roots and I don’t ever wanna go down like that.

Secondly, I really want to give my hairline a break. I notice that my roots around those areas are becoming weaker. I use to be one of those folks that didn’t like the look of untwisted roots but I have grown and matured from that stage of my life. I have found inspiration in so many freeformers out there: Valerie June, Lauryn Hill, etc) and their beauty continues to shine through.

And the third reason is that twisting my roots after every wash is time consuming (mind you, I only wash my hair once a month). what’s great is that, I can even start to wash my hair twice a month without worrying about my retwist.

I plan to freeform up until the spring. I hope to see a difference in the strength of my roots. What I am concerned about however is the frizzies that will begin to take over. If any of you out there are reading this, do you have any tips or tricks on how to maintain semi-freeform locs (Frizzies, married locs, etc?) I would love the advice!


Thanks in advance!



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