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Jayme Goodwin Winner of America's Next Natural Model 2013

Jayme Goodwin Natural hair Model

After five successful seasons we are ready to make America’s Next Natural Model 2015 even more exiting! It’s going to be the Social Media season where we will use all our facebook, twitter and instagram channels to promote all participating models as well as the sponsors but that’s not all!

What is new for season 6 is the fact that we will include videos in nearly every challenge. We intend to use our youtube channel to the max to promote the competition and all that models have to offer.

Adding more dept to the competition to allow the participating models to get the full picture of a modeling future adding dept and range to their skills there will be more than just hairstyle challenges. There will be many more fashion challenges so natural hair becomes part of the style. 

Models today need to be able to do more than just taking a great picture. Promoting yourself and keeping up with social media has become part of the job of staying hip and relevant. Expressing yourself via youtube is almost essential and that is why we will incorporate video in the challenges for the upcoming season. 

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