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Are you an aspiring model who is interested in America’s Next Natural Model? Then read this.

What is America’s Next Natural Model?
America’s Next Natural Model is Going‘s annual online pageant to promote Black Beauty and Natural hair. It is very much like America’s Next Top Model but it takes place online where ten selected models compete for the title, free products, a cash prize and a photo shoot in New York.

annm-all-seasonsWinners: Tiana Tamara Townsel, Teesha Borum, Jayme Goodwin, Ebony Clark, Chassity Bynum 

How does the competition work?
Out of all the submissions we receive, we select ten models to compete for the title of America’s Next Natural Model, free products, a cash prize and a photo shoot in New York.

Every chosen model receives package of goodies from our sponsors that can vary from hair products and hats to glasses and a full outfit. These goodies are meant to be used for a weekly photo and video shoot.

After you finish your shoot you upload the photos and blog about your experience. Our members and a panel of judges will then pick a winner. The model with the least votes needs to leave the competition until the last one standing: the winner!

Who is America’s Next Natural Model 2015? 
America’s Next Natural Model 2015 is a natural beauty who uses her talent to inspire. She knows how to integrate her natural tresses seemlessly with every outfit or accessories you trow at her. She is proud to stand out and take natural hair to the next runway level. She can’t wait to be the new face of the brand of a line she completely stands behind. If this is you, you should apply.

Who can join this competition? 
Every woman of 18 and older with naturally nappy, coily, kinky hair and locs can participate. If your hair is chemically relaxed and you want to join, you will have to commit to cut the relaxed part of your hair in during the competition.

What is in it for me as a model?
Not only do you get free products, a chance to a photo shoot in NY and win a cash prize, this can be your big break! You can become the new face of one of our sponsors and you can get a spread in a magazine.

Besides that you also get:
– Exposure. If you aspire a model carrier this is your chance. By joining the competition you can use the 8 weeks of free exposure to show the world who you are and why they would miss out if they don’t contact you. 

– An opportunity to start building your own social network of you already have one expand it rapidly.

What does it cost to apply?
The cost to apply for ANNM is $29.99.

Why do I have to pay to apply?
To to process your information and make sure we only get serious applications, we ask that you pay $29.99. We kept the costs this low to make is accessible to everyone but we are looking for models who are determind. 

What are the requirements?
– You need to be photogenic, take good photos, now how to present yourself in a video

– technical: you need to know how to upload pictures and video or have someone who does that for you.

– You need to be able to write down your thoughts and experiences in correct English.

What are the terms and conditions?
If you are selected to compete for America’s Next Natural Model you have to commit to complete 8 challenges for 8 weeks in a row. You will receive one task by email every week. You have to complete each tasks by the next Saturday 00:00 EST. Completing a challenge includes uploading your photos and blogging about a challenge at least once a week.

Who should apply?
This pageant is for aspiring models who are serious and can use the exposure for their next step. This is not an easy competition. Not only do you have to prepare for a good photo shoot, you have to think about your approach and interpretation and make sure you deliver fabulous photos for eight weeks in a row. This is a challenge. Not for the faint-hearted.

Is professional help allowed?
Yes. You are expected to be the top model you aspire. That means you should be professional and you are allowed to have professionals on your team: a professional photographer, (hair) stylist, makeup artist.

If you like to be considered, please complete this ANNM submission form. We look forward to your application!




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