Sasha-Shae on Week

Sasha Natural beauty

Sasha Natural beautyEbony Clark: I love just how natural and flawless the makeup looked on you. It didn’t even seem as if you had anything on. I am loving the eye shadow detail on picture 2!! It’s great! Beautiful job!

Natasha Beals: I liked how the makeup meshed well with your skin, the pictures would have been even more awesome with a big smile like in your last series of photos 🙂

Denitrika: Girl! You are working that eye shadow!! I can tell that the bronzer and shades of the makeup will work for just about any skintone by looking at your pics.

Raven Hardy: I love the versatility of this week’s photo shoot. I got to truly see just how well the products from the line would work. Overall a really good job.

Munya M: Your pics give off this subtle glamour. I really liked picture 4, it just had this soft vintage glamour to it. Very good job!

Nina-Ellis: Fresh Faced! That’s my first thought, you just look so naturally flawless in the pics, really refreshing photo shoot overall. Picture 4 is just awesome!!

OooLaLa!: For some reason, picture 4 in your shoot reminds me of a movie, I love the boldness of the pops of color around the eyes and the deep dark lips, that picture draws you in. I  didn’t like too much the pics that were photoshopped, photoshop reminds me of “what’s hiding?”. Overall, a nice job with the product line.

(Best of the week for me) Timolin Jeffers: Ok! Ok wait! You were selling that makeup alright! I really enjoyed your photoshoot, but my favorite picture has got to be the last one! It’s so regal, and I love all the colors and how they all work together! Best photoshoot of the week for me.

From the Jewelry Shoot

Everyone did a really good job, bringing a different take on showing off the jewlery, but two that stood out most to be was that of Ebony and Timolin, I really saw the jewelry for what it is, and how it can worn. As well Nina did a a good job making her piece unique.


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