Saleemah Cartwright

Saleema's Black Natural hairstyle
Saleema's Black Natural hairstyle
Saleema's Black Natural hairstyle

I actually did the big chop because I didn’t want to do a long transition from relaxed to natural hair.  I cut off my relaxed hair in Sept. 2008 and transitioned for about 5 months before doing the big chop. There were many reasons for going natural.  I actually missed my kinks and curls. I love big hair and I was not able to achieve many of the styles that I loved when my hair was relaxed. I noticed that I was constantly trying to simulate natural looks when I was relaxed by frequently wearing braidouts and straw sets.


Name: Saleemah Cartwright

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Channel:  Healthy HairJourney


Co-owner of Hydratherma Naturals healthy hair product collection and Healthy Hair Journey Enterprises llc



If you have locs, why did you start locing, what method did you choose to start your locs and why did you choose that method?
 I do not have locs however; I would love to loc my hair at some point.

What was the worst part of your hair journey?
The worst part of my journey was actually learning my hair. I know that is sounds crazy but I did not know that I had 3 different hair textures. Sections of my hair include 4a, 3c and frizzy textures. I had to learn how to deal with the 3 separate textures to create beautiful styles.

And the best part?
I took many hair pictures while on my natural hair journey. I love to see how my hair has gone through many different stages of growth. During each stage, I was able to wear many styles that I could have only worn during that stage. I love to see how my hair changed over time and how it continues to change.  

What did your journey teach you?
It definitely taught me self love and acceptance. I can’t say that I didn’t love and  accept myself when I was relaxed however; there is a self confidence that I have while being natural that I didn’t possess before.  I walk with my head held high knowing that I am wearing the hair that God gave me.

When and why did you start your channel?
I first started myHealthyHairJourney channel to document my transitioning period and my big chop. I then began to document my natural hair journey and began educating others on maintaining a moisture / protein balance in the hair. I have many educational videos on styling and natural hair care.

What are the best, funniest and most inspiring responses that you’ve gotten?
When I did my big chop, I received so many inspirational messages from those who had already done the big chop and from those whom I inspired. It was wonderful to receive so many inspirational comments.  Before doing the big chop, I had healthy looking relaxed hair. At that time, I did receive many comments about my relaxed hair not being real…..those were the funniest!

Do you subscribe to other channels? If so, what would you say are your top 5 favorite ones?
Yes I do. I absolutely LOVE  mahoganyknots,  bronzegoddess01,  msrosievelt, meroekhalia and fusionofcultures!

What do you hope to accomplish with your channel? How often do you vlog and what more can we expect?
I add videos monthly about hair styling, natural hair care and information on the Hydratherma Naturals hair product line. Our goal is to continue to educate women and men on healthy hair practices.


Braid Out Instructiona


Natural hair growth pictures- 3 year journey


We should always remember that ‘good hair’ is ‘healthy hair’.  No matter the texture, our hair will flourish if we take great care of it.

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