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Mireille Natural
Mireille Natural

It is hot in New York! The summer is in full swing and I am having so much fun just looking at beautiful hairstyles and recording hair stories. Needless to say I am elated to share them.


It is hot in New York! The summer is in full swing and I am having so much fun just looking at beautiful hairstyles and recording hair stories. Needless to say I am elated to share them.

But first, let me start to thank all of you who came to the Black is Beautiful Expo. It was really nice meeting each and everyone of you in real life. A special thanks to my old Nappturality friends Nathalie, Sudana and Christine who gave me a hand and Lurie for doing a demonstration of the Going Natural Hair products as part of the Natural Hair Care Workshop. Here is a link to the awesome video: Going Natural Hair Milk

Then, I am very happy to announce that with the first recording of the natural hair stories a new chapter of the Going Natural Video channel has been born. What I hope to bring you are ordinary videos of folk, just like you and me, that have extraordinary impact.

Lurie & Son
Photo of the Week: Lurie & Son at the Black is Beautiful Expo. Click on the photo to see the complete album.

Starting with hair stories, I ask natural women a few questions about their journey. Not only in the hope that women from all over the Diaspora see their reflection in these beautiful women but also in the hope to get a perspective of where we are in what seems to be a global movement of transitioning away from chemical straighteners. Please check out the stories, let me know what you think and tell me, what questions would you  ask a beautiful natural women about her hair journey? I maybe able to ask them next time. Clcik here to watch the new Video Channel.

Finally, after working nearly non-stop on the website for at least a year, I am so glad to announce that the site is its last stage of the upgrade. With the most popular links in the top menu, it should be much easier to find your way.

As you can imagine the Video Channel and Natural Hair Gallery are a work in progress. Really ALL my photos from the Pursuit of Nappiness, my travelling exhibition of over 1.000 images, will be up. So it will take some time but I can assure you that you will be able to enjoy the progress. There will be fresh new colorful hairstyles every week. Take a look at the latest additions BAM Dance Africa 2012 and of course photos from Black is Beautiful Expo are also up.

The Natural Hair Salon directory is also fully up and running. Not only can you find a natural hair stylist in the area where you live, you can also share your experience and leave feedback. We celebrate this by featuring the styles of yet another great natural salon; Naturalcentric.

Last but not least I am happy to announce the winner of the hat’s contest Cassandra Mills. On the question Black is Beautiful because, her answer was:

Black is Beautiful because it isn’t defined by the color of your skin, but who you are deep within. We are unique, fierce, and strong individuals who have weathered the storms.
We are permed hair, straight hair, and nappy hair and we all are beautiful.

I am proud to be black. My beauty comes from within and shines on the outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!

Thank you for your wonderful words Cassandra. You are the rightful winner. We will send you the hat this week.

The rest of you, I hope you like the new changes and enjoy the updates. I look forward to your feedback. Of course you should never forget to visit the Going Natural Web Shop to check for sales.

Enjoy the summer and stay beautiful!

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