Robert E Cornegy Council Member with Dreadlocks Speaks out (2)

Robert E. Cornegy on Natural hair

As the elected New York City Council Member for the 36th District, Robert E. Cornegy Jr. is representing the vibrant communities of Bedford Stuyvesant and Crown Heights. Besides his height his long dreadlocks are also remarkable and he doesn’t shy away from a conversation on Natural Hair.



Here is part Two of the questions we asked Mr. Cornegy

7. Quite often I hear men say that they didn’t like natural hair when they grew up. It’s only later on in live that they started to appreciate natural hair. Do you share that experience?

8. Do you think black hair is an issue? Why or why not?

9. Every year there are at least three cases about natural hair that make national news headlines. Most of them are about common natural hairstyles like locs that are perceived as unacceptable for the workplace and last year we even had one woman who was fired for defending wearing her short natural on TV. My perception is that Black people still don’t have the basic human right to wear their God-given tresses naturally but how do you as a Black politician with dreadlocks feel about these cases and what do you think we can do about it?

10. One of the main reasons employers can reject employees based on their natural hairstyles is because the dress code policies for hair are based on Caucasian hair. Would you support legislation to force employers to recognize and include Black Hair in their company policy?

11. What do you think of this natural hair movement and what would be your message to Black women when it comes to hair?

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Robert E Cornegy Council Member with Dreadlocks Speaks out Part II


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