Poetic Justice

Name: Poetic Justice

Age: 27
Location: Shreveport, La.
Occupation: Writer

How important is a woman’s hair to you?
Very important. It’s apart of her divine presentation.

Would you break up with someone because of their hairstyle?
No I wouldn’t. Now if it was just plain to see that it’s not being taken care of then……..

Would you date a woman with a short natural?
Of course. Actually, that is very sexy to me.

What is more important in a woman that her hair looks good, smells good or feels good?
Feels good 1st. Then she can be activated to take care of the rest.

Would you date a woman with Bantus? If no, why not?You have made me ashamed. Why?
I’m not aware of that terminology.

Do you think you should see a woman’s real hair before marrying her?
By real, I take it u mean natural. If I love her and want to marry her, then she could bald headed..lol

Would you date a woman with an uncombed chunky Afro? If no, why not?
Yes. That’s sexy too believe it or not. It’s just when you see that the hair is vividly not being taken care of that bothers me.

Do you prefer natural or weave?

Now what is really the most important thing for you look for in a woman (besides beautiful hair of course)?
Good character, personailty, vision and voice.

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