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I pondered going natural for many years. To me going natural was a sign of strength and beauty. I actually tried to go natural twice but failed and went back to the “creamy crack” as they call it. The second time I came so far I don’t know what made me decide to perm my hair but I did. I believe it has a lot to do with being accepted by your friends, family and definitely society. I also believe I wasn’t mature enough. I think making the decision to go natural comes with a desire to experience something different from anything else you have gone through. Deciding to cut your hair and step outside of the box takes courage. I know i have the courage to do that now. I will  be forty in July 2011 and with 40 comes realizing who you are and what you want and will not accept from others. I am on this road now as a mother of three beautiful girls I want to show them that i am comfortable in my own skin because there was a time when I was ashamed of who I was. Being a dark chocolate Latina( Puerto Rican and Dominican) was difficult I was not accepted in the Latin community because I was TOO dark when back in our native countries they’re many who look like me not the watered down J.LO’s everyone sees on television. I was outcast by my African american counterparts because I was a Latina. So I was stuck but I learned young to have thick skin. I was called every derogatory name you could think of . It made me stronger and by the time I moved to my birth place of New York and met others just like me with beautiful shades of brown and spoke my 1st language (Spanish) I began to feel comfortable in my own skin. At the tender age of 39(LOL) I am taking the road less traveled by many women but often thought of I am loving it. It is amazing to watch my hair grow as I love and nurture it as if it was one of my children. Stay tuned for more in my journey

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