Big Chop Near Me

My Mistake

I really dont know what to do it’s been almost a year and I have texlax my hair twice. I started out going natural but i got so frustrated with my boyfriend and others make remarks about my hair. There was a point where i wish I had never told anyone I was going natural. People treated me like I had a disease and my boyfriend told me that natural hair was wrong. Really! How can something god gave you that grows from the scalp of your head be so wrong. What the hell is wrong with our society. Too make a long story short I perm my hair and its like my hair fought back. So now its been three months and I havent perm my hair yet and I have this texlax texture hair. I’m happy because it didnt straighten all the way but I dont know what to do because I want to do the big chop but I’m really scare of the out come. Simply because I have natural hair and texlax hair and both are thick textures of hair so where would the chop begin. Help!!!!!!!!!

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