Tangling, knotting and breakage

hair breakage

Good morning Mireille,

I need your help. My hair (2yrs natural now) is tangling and it knots up at the ends and breaks.

Not always but more than I like it to do.

It still looks good but with lots of effort on my part. Recently I

have started to wash it with water/baking soda and vinegar and that seems to help me a lot. I think my conditioner may be the problem as I basically use what is on hand and sometimes it is not the best kind around.

I detangle while wet and full of conditioner, rinse and then immediately do my twists with Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera (tried every other kind of product and my twists never did well but F.E.A. seems to work). I try not to detangle anymore after initial detangle.

Thank you for your time and advice. One last thing, I do make my own shea/mango mixture to put shine in and lock in the moisture to my hair. That seems to work so far. My hair absolutely hates olive oil though. I am surprised because a lot of other naturals swear by it.

Thanks again,
Maria Carey.

hair breakageHello Maria,

Thank you for your question.

Usually when hair is tangling and knotting a lot, it’s because of split ends. So I wonder if you had a trim lately. Getting rid of split ends is the number 1 step you can take to make untangling easier. It’s the first thing I learned after nearly two years of transitioning. My hair dresser at the time had locs and didn’t believe in cutting hair and didn’t want to cut my hair. At one time I just decided to do it and the difference afterwards was day and night! So if you didn’t have a trim in a while, say more than 3 to 6 months ago, go get one.

Speaking of untangling, if you don’t have one yet, you should get a Tangle Teezer. This brush is an absolute must for natural hair care. Not only does it cut untangling time in half, it pulls less and you lose less hair.

About your product use. It’s great that you found something that works. Be careful with Baking soda though. Especially using Baking Soda too often can have a drying effect. The one shampoo that I recommend, that never failed any of my customers is the olive soap. This wonderful shampoo cleanses incredibly well without stripping strands but actually softening the hair. It is truly a miracle shampoo. Detangling wet while in the shower is one of the best ways to detangle hair. You don’t need the Tangle Teezer for that, just a wide toothed anti-static comb. twisting your hair right after is also a good thing.

If you need a conditioner, the best one I can recommend, is the Detox Conditioner. This conditioner too never failed any of my users. What makes it special is that your hair will stay soft for days after using it and you will feel your strands getting stronger.

Olive oil doesn’t work for me either but what doesn’t work for us can work for many other people out there. All hair is different and so are our textures. So now you may be reluctant about the Olive Soap but I can guarantee you that it works very well for me.

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