my journey to natural

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okay so im trying this new thing called natual and its not as esay as it is well i guess maybe its because i am so darn lazy like i dont know how to wash my own hair cause it always get tangled and then i rip it apart which hurts really bad. but all my hair througout high school i had extention until i move out of state and it was hard finding someone to do my hair. but i have always seen people with fro’s and all that and i always wondered how it was like. well last week i decided to do a bantu knot and still had relaxers in my ends and the lady told me that my hair is damage and all that so i had to cut some off but not entirely. when you are being told that your hair is damage that is a terrible thing, i was scared and lost and i didnt know what to do anymore urgh.. so now i been watching alot of videos and im waiting until i go to the hair salon so i can see where do i go from there so i can start purchasing thse products.i am looking forward to my new journey.

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