Mireille on Week 2


I really like your first photo. I like your look, the colors and especially how you placed the accessory.  Even though you can’t clearly see it, your photo has an edge and I like that. Your comments on the site match your look: the feather is a must-have!
Picture 2 and 4 would probably do good in a fashion shoot. In 5 the accessory isn’t in the picture at all. You can see the accessory in picture 3 which is also a good shot. What I like about you is your variety. You got poses and many styles. It’s clear that you always seek to take your shoot to a next level which is great. I think though you have to learn to relate to the job asked of you first, then to take it to the next level.

Congratulations on the judges’ choice! I loved your first shoot as well. I like how you played with the headband and put it around your neck as a choker. Your makeup is good and I love how you look in the camera. However, the headband that you need to sell is not in the center. It’s just an accessory in the photo. So although the picture is not bad at all, it doesn’t do the job.

I think the best picture that shows most of the headband is the 3rd photo. You have a very natural look, the camera loves you and you definitely show that you have a variety of facial expressions which is absolutely great but you have to be careful. Your curls are gorgeous but they can distract from what you want to.
I do like the little flower accessory picture. Although it’s tiny it shines trough because your hair is to the back in a nice updo.

I love how you played with the headband. You showed it off wearing different styles which I absolutely love. I like how you played with the colors, your makeup looks good but you have to be aware about a few things. I love your look in the first picture. Your eyes capture attention, the green eye shadow is very nice but you show the side of the accessory that we don’t want to see.

I love all the styles you have. They look good but the photos are not sharp and the lighting isn’t very good. Try to take pictures during the day so you don’t have to worry about that. Besides that I think as a model you can work a bit on your expression. I see merely the same look in your shoot. The way your eyes are captured is not very different. Although it’s nice, agencies like to see different looks.

Your makeup looks very good. Do you use one of those paint brushes? You also have a nice smile but I think you need to learn a lot about posing.
Your first picture is a whole body shot for the roller braid and although it’s not a bad picture, I wouldn’t say it’s one for a modeling competition. The rest of your shots look more like a try for makeup commercials.  In picture 2 I see more collar than puff band and you can see the soya sauce and the cups on the table. That is not very professional is it?
Picture 4 shows more of the puff band but the accent is definitely not on the accessory. Although the background is well chosen this time, there is a lot going on in the picture. Your hair, your makeup, your hand. Please try to check out some photo commercials of earrings and other accessories to see the quietness of a picture that a client looks for when he or she asks for an accessory photo.

First of all congratulations with so many fans! Wow, they really follow you around and support you. That is great.
Then I also have to say that I absolutely ADORE your hairstyle! Wow. Who did it? I didn’t see any credits for a stylist, you didn’t do it yourself did you? Don’t forget that you should always credit your stylists and other professional people like photographers and makeup artists.
Anyway, about your photos. I like the idea of the first picture but it doesn’t really work for the roller braid, I think. The picture is a bit dark and you see a close-up of part of your hair that is absolutely gorgeous but the roller braid is on the other side. And the mirror is beautiful as well but it distracts as well.
Picture 2 would have been excellent if it was a close up. A tight shot. I can see the headband, it clearly adorns your beautiful style but it’s taken from a little too far. Same with picture 3. The pose looks great for a close-up shot for the headband but it’s a bit dark and because of the distance you miss the beauty of your style. Picture 4 is getting there but the lighting is off so you can’t get a full sense of the style nor the puff band. The last photo I just wish I could see the style better! It’s such a great style too bad there is not a good tight close up to do it justice. We want to feel and see a beautiful style like that through our pc screens.


Your style is great. I love the colors that you choose as well as the clothes that your wear. Like last week it’s complete. I can almost see your pictures in a magazine. I am very sorry that you didn’t receive the accessories in time because I wanted to see how you would show off the ponytail holders in your locs.
Here are a few pointers though. Although I like the extras that you pick like the drum and the purse they absolutely add to your photos. You do that well because you are still the center as well as the focus but the extras have no place in an accessory shoot. In this case a client is just looking for tight head shots.
Then I think you should be a bit more aware of your facial expression. The first one your expression is not expressive enough. It can be seen as weak. In the 2nd photo your expression is nice and warm but I am not sure what to make of the 3rd one. And then the 4th one is very open and contagious again. Try to always have an expression rather than a weak one.

Natasha, I am sorry to say but I am a disappointed in your shoot. Non of the pictures are sharp. They all look like pictures you took with an iPhone or something for fun with friends. I don’t see any professionalism in these. The last one looks like a reasonable pose but it doesn’t tell me anything about the accessories. I really hope you do better next week.

I hope your dad is doing better and I hope you are doing better as well. It’s clear that you do keep your head up.
I like your 1st photo. I like the colors as well but if you like to show the wrap be aware of your hairstyle is well. Love the crinkles but too much can distract from what you want to show. Also be careful of the shadows. I don’t think it’s particularly bad in this picture but it can work against you. Mind that in your next shoots.
I like what you are trying to show in the next photo but your expression doesn’t work. It looks like your hair is in the way, your eyes are half closed and your mouth half open. It looks like an in between shot.
Artistically the next one is a very nice shot. It’s one of those pictures that makes you wonder what is going on under the wrap so you have to look at the wrap which is a good thing. The only thing that is a minus in the photo is the black jacket. I mean the jacket looks great but the picture would have been a lot better with a bare neck.
I like your 4th shot because it’s different. It shows me another side of you. I like your expression but at the same time it doesn’t show the contrast of colors that you were going for.
Your last picture, I like. I can use it for an article about the roller braid. The item is clearly in focus and you look happy using it.
It’s a tough choice this week. I liked Nina’s hairstyle best but the shoot didn’t deliver pictures that can professionally be used. Same with Timolin. She showed great versatility of styles and showed off the accessories well, but the pictures were not sharp. Munya’s shots look most professional and they can be used for the auction to come but it wasn’t really the goal this time. So, I call it a tie.


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