Kcurly- Feedback Week 3

My picks for this week were ReShonda and Chassity. My pick for elimination was Justyce. 

Chassity- All of your shots were beautiful. Loved the hair, makeup, clothes. 

Reshonda- There wasn’t a shot that I didn’t love. I loved the vibrant colors you wore in both clothing and make up. Great job! I wish you’d been a little more detailed with your instructions (for example, how many twists did you put in?)

Carlie- I love how you always seem to throw something unique into the mix. The picture where you were picking the products off the tree was great. However, I so wish you would’ve picked a flower that was visible in your hair. 

Jalita- I like the colors you chose and I like the creative style, but I couldn’t see it as well as I liked. I also don’t feel that your instructions were very clear. 

Kala – Very chic style and lovely makeup and color choices. The instructions had me lost, however.

Natasha-I liked the feel of your photos, your hairstyle, instructions, and color choices. I do think there was too many bushes/plants in your backgrounds. They overpowered you.

Nefertiti- Your style was definitely among the most creative and your instructions very detailed. You were also good about showing different angles of the style. I do think you also had too many bushes/plants in the background. It was hard for me to focus on you. But your pictures gave me an earthy, natural feel. 

Justyce- The style you showcased was ok, but I didn’t like really the accessories you chose. I don’t think the lei complimented the style very well at all. 

Desyray- You’re a beautiful woman and your locs looked lovely but I don’t think this camera/lighting really reflected that fully. I also think that you might’ve gotten a little more creative with your styling. Curly locs are a nice style but I would’ve loved to see you go a step further with them. 



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