Judges on Black History Challenge


Dajuan JonesFeedback from Dajuan Jones Professional photograper and owner of www.dajuanjones.com|twitter.com/InHisImagePhoto| dajuan @ dajuanjones (dot) com

Angela C. Kirkendoll
I found your style choices interesting. I loved the choice to use black & white images for your flapper representation. I was a little conflicted with the straight haired look, but that reflects our history (as painful as looking back can be). Your tribute to Angela Davis, John Carlos and Tommie Smith, and Martin Luther King, Jr was thoughtful. I thought your 3rd and 5th images were the strongest images from your set. You expression as a model was awesome. I also appreciated how thoughtful your write up was. I would have preferred to see five different looks though. However you did well in the two looks and five images submitted. (4 stars)

Farah Albritton
It is evident that you put forth great effort in preparing and shooting for this weeks challenge. Five images, five different styles! Reading how you realized the strength behind the afro was moving. I thought your 1st and 5th images were your strongest because I can clearly see your hair (very important). I really liked your hair style in the 4th image, but the lighting was off and looking at your other images, you’re working with a team who can make the adjustment. Don’t be afraid to look into the camera and portray the power you felt. (5 stars)

Jayme Goodwin
Great creativity. I loved that you stayed natural while depicted different eras of time. I loved your first image. Not only did your convey the era, you did so strongly and I appreciate that. Keep the focus on story, your hair. The last three images lost me with image processing and things that aren’t conveyed by hair styling. (4 stars)

Lydia K. Young
You got it! That was my first impression upon seeing your photos. Although you didn’t push for significantly different hair styles, you made adequate adjustments to fit the era you portrayed. You put forth five goals and set forth to accomplished them. As a model, connecting with your audience with combinations of eye and/or expression is important. I thought your 3rd images was visually the strongest, but the expression came mostly from the chains. I wanted your first image to be the best, but the goals of strength & pride didn’t jump out at me. So what was it that made me think that your got it? Your hair was the hero in all of your images! (5 stars)

Lydia Onimo
You’ve got it too! Five images and five eras. All conveying your message through hair style and modeled expression. One BIG tip: move away from the wall (notice the shadows). (4 stars)

Marilyn Louis
Umm, Kung Fu fighter? I like that you put together five different looks for five different eras. I even like your expressions. However, you’ll really want to partner up with someone to take your photos for you to free you up to model. Your strongest images were your first and third image. But Marilyn, did you not have something to say about the challenge? (3 stars)

Suzu T.
You may have put forth the most in executing this weeks challenge. You too provided five different looks for five different eras. Your second image was so strong, I initially questioned if that was you! I would like to say that the hero / focus is your hair, and that is lost in one or two of your images (which were otherwise very nice). (4 stars)

Tiffany Owens
You didn’t share the details, and you didn’t need to, but I’m glad you were able to accomplish the task. As with Angela, I was torn by processed hair looks, but again I recognize that it IS part of our past and ongoing history. I liked how you kept the hair style the focus of your images. Your third and fifth images were your strongest. You’ll want to connect more through eye contact. I sensed a passion for the shoot in your write up. (4 stars)

Rachel RitfeldFeedback from Mireille

I think you did a wonderful job. Very nice how you pictured an African style from the era before we were brought to the Western world. The only thing is that you can’t really see the style but I like how you put tribal effort in the image.

I also like how you pictured the straight styles. They were indeed typical for certain time. I wish you had put a bit more into the 2nd one make it black/white for instance and a different background. That way the image would really transform you in time by just looking at it. The other straight style is on point salt & Pepper, Hip Hop but you could have also made it a bit more hip hop by the clothes you’re wearing. Think about the full concept.

I love the afro shot! The top also brings me back to the 60’s when the fro was ruling the fashion world. And your twist out is fantastic! You end with a bang. I love the earrings, the hair, the color. Overall good job!

Your last black and white shot is the best. It could literarily be from one of those books that pictures tribes in African history. The makeup, the jewelry, absolutely fabulous!

Having said that, the rest of your shoot is a bit disappointing. I like the wrap idea, and I even love your expression in that shot but the image overall is not well executed. I see more of your elbow. I don’t think the pose worked for what you were trying to portray, a slave woman. Your afro shoot is good, again great expression, fabulous hair but it looks like the photo is over exposed. The best way to take photos is outside with daylight so you don’t have to worry about flash and lightning too much. Watch out for the sun though.

Your last two photos are the same. I love the your poses and look on the rocks and in the grass but the shots are just too ordinary. Not model yet. I need a sharper look of you and your hair. I think it may be a photography issue more than that it’s you.

Your enthusiasm speaks through your words as well as your images. Your first shot is awesome! It’s like a modern tribal style. Love the jewelry and the makeup. The only thing is that your mouth could be a little more relaxed.

I also love how you did Josephine Baker. Even before I read your essay I knew who you portrayed and that is good! The whole picture, the light, the jewelry and of course your hair. I also love how relaxed you look in your fro shot. You skin is beautiful, I like your pose, the dress that floats lovely and you have a nice smile but I still think you can relax your mouth a bit. The other two shots are just ok for me. I didn’t get Billy Holiday if it wasn’t for the flower.  Over all I think you did a good job.

Suzu! I absolutely loved what you did! All five images are so totally different. More than just a hairstyle you went beyond the styles to portray history. You show incredible range as a model. You look completely different in each shot. That is a skill. You show your range as a model. I am really impressed. Your black and whites are the best. Love the slave woman and love the fro!

Although I really love what you did at the same time I feel like the hairstyles suffered a little bit. Especially in the Rosa Parks shot. It seems to me that you focused more on history there than on the hairstyle you needed to portray it.

Your image with the chain is intense. The large chains add drama and so does the expression of your face even though you are turned away from the lens. I also like your first shot but to be honest overall your pictures don’t transform me to other eras. No different hairstyles. I liked your writeup but your shoot is a bit disappointing to me.

Lydia Onimo
I think your best shot is the cornrowed updo. The hairstyle is really fierce, I like your expression but the photo is over exposed. To be honest I think the whole shoot is a bit average. You wear a beautiful dress with a matching headwrap yet the photo is not popping. Again, try to shoot outside. Shooting inside with a basic flash makes it difficult to get a professional looking photo. Your hair in the afro shots looks nice but I don’t get the greatness from the images yet.

Yes, your images definitely take me back in time. You portrait the 60’s so well. It’s a joy to see. My favorite photo is the one where you sit with a hat on. Love the attire, your poses, your expressions and even the background you choose. I also like the afro shots. Especially the explanation of MLK’s dream. However, you have three of the same kind of images representing one era. I would have loved to see you portray at least one more era as well. Overall good job though.  

I have to say that you get an A plus for creativity because when I saw you Saturday I was really happy you came up to me but I knew you weren’t prepared. Still, I was hoping that you had already written the essay and had already taken photos. Considering that you did a reasonable job using the tools at hand and your creativity. I like the photo with the headwrap and the same top but overall your images are unprofessional. That doesn’t look like a five pixel camera photos to me and for that, I have to let you go. It was one of the requirements so I am going to ask you to send the accessories back.



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