America's Next natual Model Tiffany

This first challenge I have to say BUT GOD because I didn’t even think I would be able to make it happen, let alone complete it. When everything seems to not be going as you expect you have to keep the  faith and know that what He has for you will be manifested.

Working on this challenge with a wonderful crew of 3 amazing natural women who supported me and keep my spirit up was awesome.

America's Next Natural Model

I loved the idea of doing a timeline/evolution of black hair and how far we have come and still are going in our hair roots.

This challenge made me think and reminisce about the styles that my ancestors rocked and the power they had doing it. I loved being able to show off my natural evolution of delicacy (that’s what I named my hair) in ways that represented my history. I will admit that wearing wigs for some of the photos was out of place for me because my natural hair was not feeling the wigs at all and wanted to break free.

The five looks I did represented to me the struggles and triumphs that we went through and overcame as a people. The unity that we had back then needs to come back in our natural hair community and among us as black people today.

The first style is showing African ancestry tribal markings and how your natural crowns of glory were a status symbol of who you are.

I love how we as a people came from royalty and despite being forced into slavery they still knew who they were as a people and where they came from.

The second look reminds me of soul sister singing groups and the Motown Era, where wigs and style where one in the same. The ladies back then could SANG!!! and they had a story to tell with their lyrics. The hair was always on point and no matter how much they rocked, bopped, or dropped…the hair was still on and in place.

The third style needs no introduction “SHE”S A BAD MAMMA JAMMA….I love the 70’s era so much power, unity, and strength among blacks. Their hair was FIERCE, FLY, & FUNKADELIC…CAN YOU DIG IT Women rocked their afros with pride and and their fist raised high.

The fourth look what can I say….HIP HOP, Salt and Pepper, asymmetrical bob = YES!!!! That is when women were rocking all types of funky hairstyles with lots of GOLD GOLD GOLD accessories to match. Women were making a name for this themselves in the hip hop world and creating fashion trends that are making a comeback even now.

Last but not least my own evolution now…my SOUL pays homage to my ancestors and their evolution of natural hair regardless of how they wore it.  I love big hair and love rocking my natural tresses with style and color. Being able to return home has been not only a beautiful journey of positivity but a state of discovering self.



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